Why are crowds so much lower on Weekends?

We’re going to be on So Ca from June 11th-28th. Disneyland is our first priority re planning. I was going to go the first week of our trip, but there are several grad nights, so that pushed me to the second week. Using the crowd calendar, it looks like the best days for us are Sat and Sun, June 18th and 19th…which seems really odd since pretty much EVERYONE says that weekends in the summer are horrible…

Berfore I book our hotel reservations, can anyone please give me their “summer/weekend” experience and/or let me know why the Crowd Calendar (CC) shows lower crowds on the weekends than during the week? BTW, we’re planning on going for 3 days.

Here are the numbers from the CC for Disneyland Resort/Calif Adventure for our possible dates:

Sat June 18 6/3 (good day to go to Calif Adventure?)
Sun June 19 5/5
Mon June 20 7/5
Tues June 21 7/5
Wed June 22 5/7 (Bad day for CA Adventure…but why?)
Thurs June 23 6/5
Fri drive home

Based on this, I should go Sat/Sun/Mon…but I’m afraid! Thanks, Jerolyn

There is a thread with a similar question, the answer I got was, father’sday is slightly less crowded b/c going to an amusement park is not highontheir list. I also just posted about sat 6/18 though,that seemed really low. it looks like most passes are blocked out that saturday. i posted about saturday to try and get clarification. there is only one time the crowd calendar was very wrongand did not make an adjustment until a day or two before, and that was for Veteran’s Day 2015. otherwise i havefound them to be spot on in the 9 months i have onthis website.

I am also curious about the weekend crowd level. We are planning a trip for 4th of July weekend, which seem surprising low on the crow calendar (~6). We experienced higher crowds than project during veterans day a couple of years ago, so I was wondering if there is a typical underestimation of crowd levels over holidays?

I have always assumed this is because out-of-towners travel on the weekend days and, thus, do not visit the parks as much on those days. The local traffic probably increases on weekends, but maybe not enough to compensate for all the vacationers flying in and out on Sat and Sun?

I know this is an old thread but crowd patterns at Disneyland have changed. The annual pass holder base in Southern California is huge. Many locals used to go on weekend nights, drive there by themselves and spend a couple of hours hanging out and go on a few rides. This was causing major parking issues at the resort so they raised the cost significantly to the mid and top level passes a few years ago (low level passes were already excluded). Historically summer was the busy period at DL, now it is October to New Years due to Halloween and Holiday theming. 10-15 years ago this period was not bad and was super fun, now it is super crowded. So weekends in summer are truly the tourist, not locals (who can probably only access Monday thru Thursday unless they spend 1k for the premium pass). So this is why some of the summer weekends have really changed and perhaps the CL is lower on weekends than weekdays. Of course Disney favors the out of town tourist spending big bucks and not filling up the park with minimal spending locals.