Who's got a cruise countdown?


Disney Dream leaving 11/26/18!! Our first Disney Cruise. Can’t wait!!!


422 days! I changed my cruise!


Fantasy leaving Aug 25th! 227 days!


404 days to my Winter Break Dream Cruise!!


85 more days for us. This will be our first cruise. We are going on the Fantasy to the eastern Caribbean. So excited!!


400 days to my DREAM Winter Break cruise!! :slight_smile: (Yes, it changed from the Wonder.)


We leave in 62 days for our first cruise on the Disney Dream. Soooo excited!!!


393 days until my Winter Break Dream cruise!! (5th DCL overall!)


63 days until Star Wars cruise on Fantasy


47 days until my 1st cruise ever! 4-night Bahamian cruise on Dream.


369 days to my 5th Disney Cruise!! (Third on the Dream.)


I have done a cruise once when I was younger. Loosing count of times visited to WDW and Universal. Thinking about mixing it up. What are the pro’s and tricks to taking a Disney Cruise. Any help would be great, I am totally clueless on this one.



@djocks, did you get feedback somewhere else?


No I have not received much advise on a cruise. I was toying with the idea but I booked a Colonial Williamsburg Busch Gardens trip for this summer and WDW next Feb. One day maybe we take a cruise. I am definitely a creature of habit. Breaking away and doing VA this year took some effort. A cruise instead of just simply going to WDW would take a lot. :confused:



I was wondering since I just took a RCL cruise last month and I have a Disney cruise booked for next summer. Maybe when you are ready I can answer your question!


Only one big question. Are Disney cruises worth it over other cruise lines? Since we don’t really ever go on cruises I am concerned Disney Cruise don’t measure up to some others… Or if there is a particular line or Disney boat we should consider.


I had read that Royal Caribbean did some things better than Disney. some things not as well. I started listening to the Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast since it is hosted by Matt Hotchberg, formerly on wdw today with Len. I will say my 7 night cruise on RCL cost me more than $1000 less than my 4 night cruise on the Disney Dream. I will report back next year after my Disney cruise.


Our first cruise was a 4-night Disney one, because it was a name I trusted. Since then, we’ve done a dozen RCL ones.

Disney is a quality product, with innovative bathroom arrangements (one tub/shower and sink, one toilet and sink), and has a great private island. But some people may not like the Disney decor and characters. There aren’t as many active things for kids/teens/adults such as ice skating, Flowriders, ziplines, bumper cars, indoor skydiving that are on several RCL ships. No casinos on Disney. RCL has added Dreamworks characters for meet and greets. Both DIsney and RCL have children’s activity clubs/centers for the various age groups.

For us, with DS19 and DS14 on our first cruise (a Disney one), we all loved cruising. But RCL was much cheaper, with more things for our sons to do. If I had young kids, and could afford the cost, I’d choose Disney. Typically, older ships are cheaper than newer ships for the same itinerary. The older ships are slightly smaller, and can go places the newer/bigger ones can’t.

Look at cruisecritic.com. Lots of info, and great discussion boards. There are different sections of the boards for the various cruise lines, destinations, home ports, and many other categories. Very active boards.


307 days until my birthday Double Dip Dream cruise!!! Officially all changed!!


157 Days!! February 21st, 2019 on the Wonder.

First time cruising.