Who's got a cruise countdown?

Trying to breathe life into this category, because I love talking to Liners! November 7, 2016 I’m going on the Dream for a 4-night cruise from Port Canaveral to the Bahamas with my DH, DS5, DS10, and Gumba and Gumma!

Countdown: 137 days 11 hours 46 minutes


We are taking first cruise on DCL 12/4/17 Dream 4 night. Can’t wait!!


I wish I had a cruise countdown!!! Maybe someday!


We do not have a countdown and have never been on a Disney cruise. However, I have been seriously researching doing a cruise in October on the Fantasy. Now all I have to do is talk my DH into the cruise and all is good. Anyone give me the pros vs. cons of a cruise vs. WDW.


Wow, that’s a tough thing to answer! I’ve done both (land and sea) in one 8-day trip. It was the best combination.

Cruise pros: No crowds, almost no lines, no massive planning/scheduling (ADR, FPP, which park, TP), easy access to air conditioning/beds/quiet, no buses/driving, much more relaxing, easy to find food at all hours, no concern about cost of food choices (not counting the up-charge dining venues), lots of child-free time while they spend most of the days (and some evenings) in their activity centers, very short commutes (walks) from on-board activities to room/pool instead of long time from park to resort and back, kids can wander/roam the ship on their own at younger age than you’d let them do in a theme park.

WDW pros: Rides, attractions, parades, more meet and greet characters, more than one show per day, sense of being “not in Kansas anymore,” more dining choices, not having to pay (and pay big bucks) for each shore excursion (daytime activities not on the ship) vs all rides/attractions included in theme park admission, being “in the bubble” (going ashore any place except Disney’s private beach is back into the real world, sometimes not so great), bigger fireworks shows.

I’m sure there are more reasons. Also cost. Which one costs more depends on your choices.

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For me, it’s impossible to compare the two. I have different reasons for vacationing at a theme park and vacationing on a cruise ship. I love them both! That being said, at the ages my kids are now, Disney is really the only cruise ship where I think they would love their vacation as much as one in WDW. We love Royal Caribbean, but the kids will need to be a little older to appreciate that style of vacation enough to put it on par with a theme park holiday.

I take a cruise to relax. I generally feel like I need another vacation when I come home from WDW. But, I’m a total type A, so I don’t take a lot of downtime on a WDW vacation. On a cruise, I feel like downtime is the point of the trip, and on Disney cruises, the kids club keeps them happy while I can relax. We’ve only taken one Disney cruise, when our DS10 was 4, and he wanted to live in the kids club. Not only is it amazingly themed, but the Cast Members are OUTSTANDING. They made all the difference for us. They were caring, engaging, fun, upbeat. They knew when to draw him into a group activity, and when to give him some quiet time drawing or watching a movie. He was so happy in there, and now he’s completely selling it to his little brother.

Here’s a personal question, @thpbears, are you bringing kids on this vacation, or just you and DH? 'Cause my advice will be different…

Wow, thanks for all the information. It will be DH and DS13(when we go). We have gone to WDW every years for the past 8 years and the past two years we have gone twice each year. All of us love everything Disney, but I wanted a little change of pace so decided to look at the cruise, probably Oct 2017. I was hoping for a more relaxing time so that advice was great. The last cruise I went on was about 23 years ago was on Norwegian and I was seas sick the entire time. Kinda worried about that as well. Looking to probably get a cabin with a veranda so can get fresh air, in case of motion sickness. The Halloween cruise looks like so much fun, but DH and DS are really into Star Wars so that cruise looks fun too. So many decisions!

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Id love to chat cruise with you! Message me!

We are going on our first cruise in December 2017. No official countdown yet for our cruise. But hopefully soon.


Have you booked yet? Which ship are you thinking? You will love it!

disney Wonder February 2nd 1

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Just booked Oct 28 2017 Disney Magic out of NY My first cruise. going solo. Any tips, suggestions, and or discussion extremely welcome!!

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booked on Dream for 4 day cruise on August 7th - second cruise. Really looking forward to it (and 12 days at Yacht Club before it)

We are booked for a family of 8 (Nana and Papa are joining us) March 11th on the Fantasy Eastern Caribbean.

I don’t want to wish time away, but can it just be March already?


February 2nd three nights on the Wonder to Castaway Cay. Our first cruise ever! taking the kids out of school, hoping weather holds

We are going on our 2nd disney cruise on 12/7/18 a long countdown but with 9 members in our group I might need all that time to organise 2 weeks in Florida and 3 nights on disney dream

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Disney Fantasy September 8, 2018! Can’t wait!

You are going to have a wonderful time, it’s almost here!

Only 521 days left…

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