Whole day in same park with breaks vs morning one park and afternoon other park

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I need help from you guys, with the EEMH my plans are a bit messed up. Since, we want to enjoy our trip when there are fewer people in the park, which is why we booked for a September trip before the SW GE opening announcement :roll_eyes: , we are definitely going to be using that extra time.

So now I am looking at my personalized touring plans and am thinking we should arrive at the opening (no rope drop with DD and DS) go until our lunch reservation then leave the park for a 4-hour break.
Should, we go back to the same park or should we just go in the least crowded park of the day for after our break? It is our first trip and I wonder if it will it take away a bit of the magic going into another park the same day? We do have park hoppers.

Plus for the EEMH I think I’ve read that it was impossible to book FP+ during the EMH so I guess it will be the same, and taking that in consideration is so difficult to prepare our DHS days because I can’t believe the time wait the touringplans is giving me we are going on September 4 and I believe there is no way attractions will be walk-ons from 6 to 9, I mean the maximum wait time I get is for Lightning McQueen academy with no FP+ it is a 12 minutes wait @ 11:00 AM :rofl::joy: especially if they put up in place a kind of virtual wait line for SW GE people will be all over the park waiting their alleged time to get in SW GE.

thank you, everyone.

We usually go back to a different park in the evening - it doesn’t spoil the magic for us at all, if anything it makes the day better as we see more. Unless we have an TS meal booked we often change the choice park we go to in the evening at the last minute depending on how our mood is


Thank you, I needed someones experience to help me in this since it’s our first trip.

Almost every day of our last trip we went to one park in the morning and a different park in the afternoon following a midday break. It definitely does not detract from the Disney magic!

It makes it easier to take advantage of a morning offering at one park (like EMH), then make plans at a different park in the evening (say, to make an ADR, see an evening show, attend MNSSHP, etc).

Also, in September when you’ll be there, MK closes at 6 pm on the nights when MNSSHP is scheduled. Unless you’re going to the party, those would be days where you’d likely hop to a different park for the evening. Which reminds me, if you’re planning on seeing HEA at MK (which you definitely should), make sure you plan around the MNSSHP parties!!

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We are attending MNSSHP on September 2nd it will be our first day in the parks, the next day we will go to Animal Kingdom around noon so we can sleep in. We will be attending Magic Kingdom twice after that on a 10 day visit.

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If I am going to the parks morning/night, I too always go to two different parks. I also plan the combination of parks based on my FP plans. For example, I always make HS FPs based on the attractions I love, but rarely book EP.

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another vote for different park at night. Having said that, upcoming trip i currently only hop once


I’d go to a different park.
Remember, if you have your fp’s set up at the first park, you can grab a fp for the other park as soon as you tap in for whatever you deem your last FP at the first park. You can then modify it to hopefully get something better / perfect for whatever park you are hopping to. I’d suggest that targeting the park that had EMH the previous day as the one to hop to if it can make sense in your plans. My assumption is that a lot of guests that went to that park the previous day to take part in EMH have now “crossed that park off.”


Yes, but there is extra extra morning magic hours everyday for AK,MK and DHS while I am there.

I’m really curious (as are most people, probably) what effect EEMH will have on the crowd distributions/patterns at the parks. HS will be packed, obviously. But for most of September TP is predicting pretty low crowds at the other parks. I still see this move of adding EEMH as a ploy by Disney to attract more on-site bookings. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a low-key time to go (aside from SW:GE) :crossed_fingers:


like others have posted, hopping does not take away the magic. i find going to different parks in the morning and evening adds excitement and renewed energy to keep going (especially after a midday break). it’s a great chance to see more in one day!


Is your resort near a park? I would take that into account when park-hopping, i.e. start at a park far away and hop to one nearby or vice-versa. This cuts your commute time in half, otherwise you could be spending 4 hours a day in transit, assuming you are spending the break back at your hotel.

Because we stay at EPCOT resorts, we always start or end the day with HS or EPCOT. That way we’re only spending at most abt 2 hrs in transit. Usually we start the morning with the further park (MK or AK) because there is something about facing the bus system in the afternoon that saps our energy and makes it more likely that we won’t go back :rofl: Whereas we can just stroll back over to EPCOT or DHS when we feel like it.


I have booked all stars resort but am considering changing it to coronado or carribean, I don’t know if I can do that since I have the free dining plan I will have to see with my TA.
If I stay at all stars it’s far from every park anyway. I will have to look with my ADR as well :slight_smile: so many things to plan, but I love it lol.

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