Who to ask to find specific characters?

Where can we meet Moana and Louis from princess and the Frog?

AFAIK, currently Moana is only doing scheduled meets at Disneyland. I have no idea if Louis is meeting at all.

For a while, Moana was doing meets at the Poly, but that’s come to an end for the time being.


Moana doesn’t have an official meet & greet at this point. She did and then it closed, and then she was back for the holiday parties, and now nothing. Louis is only at the stage show and maybe a parade but no meet and greet. :frowning:

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Nowhere as far as I know. Maybe at special parties, but not general characters.


Thank you! :+1:

Apparently if you are willing to travel to Disneyland in California or Disneyland Paris you can meet Moana…but neither one would have Louis as a Meet and Greet::sob:

Wait, Moana has a meet in Disneyland in CA???

I had heard she did at Aulani, but not DLR!

I will be so happy if she does meet in DLR!!!

From a post last updated on the 17th

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Awesome!! Thank you so much!!!

Do you have deets on where Moana meets at DLP? I’ll be there before I get back to Cali…

I still can’t believe that they haven’t brought Moana to WDW on a permenant basis. Really missing the mark. They had Anna and Elsa almost immediately.

From what I have heard, they have not been able to cast enough friends to be able to do a full-time meet. Great opportunity to earn an equity card for some girls of color who wanted to!

Most likely the case, just like they don’t have many cast members who play Pocahontas either.

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Right. And I would imagine they could/would draw from the same general pool there. I do wish if that (same pool of cast members) was the case they’d alternate - Moana certain days/times and Pocahontas certain days/times.

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and frankly, my Moana obsessed kids would actually prefer a Maui versus Moana :slight_smile: We’re paying at the #@$ for spring break Poly stay just so that we can be in that atmosphere since there aren’t any meet and greats. I was so sad to hear they stopped them at Epcot.

Does anyone know if they even have a good amount of Moana souvenirs in any of the parks?

Mine would like both but there are way more good characters for girls than for boys (if your kids are not into Mickey/Donald/Goofy) so if I had to pick I would say Maui would be fantastic!

My tween was also bummed that they don’t have anything Descendants themed.