Who stole the Sausage?

I know Akershus is still closed, but I’m wondering if anyone could help. My DD8 has been talking about the breakfast there since our last trip before the shutdown. She constantly has reminded me about how good that sausage was and keeps asking if I am going to get her more this trip(t-5) . I remember it as turkey sausage links, anyone have an idea if these are used any place else on property?


You can use the Lines app (on phone or computer) to search menus for a specific item. It had several results for turkey sausage, such as Olivia’s Cafe and Whispering Canyon.

Some memories are SO good! I hope you figure it out. I still remember the local annual Shriner pancake breakfast. The sausage was venison and soooooo good. I looked forward to it every year.

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Here is the webpage that the link on the app sends you to:

I just put in sausage as a search and 20 pages came up. I hope you find options!

My DD tried this at F&W back in 2013. She still talks about how good it was!

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Thank you all for the help.

I was thinking garden grill but that is closed for breakfast as well. I think I will resort to the draw a name from a hat in what is left.

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