Who remembers E Tickets?

Anyone remember using these tickets back in the 70’s? I explained how this worked to DS25 and he was kind of stunned. He said “I guess that makes Fast Pass Plus seem pretty good.” It certainly does :slight_smile:


I absolutely remember them! I also remember being a member of The Magic Kingdom Club, and as a member you could get a special deal book of all “key” tickets good for any ride (basically a whole book of e-tickets).

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Still have some tickets from my first visit in 1979, though for some reason we used all the C tickets. Looking at your picture and knowing I liked the raceway and the train I see why those are gone. I do have all the other letters, though my E tickets are a different color than yours.


I don’t know if they still have for sale in the parks anymore but when MK had their 40th celebration a few years ago you could buy a set of refrigerator magnets that looked like a book of tickets for the rides when the park first opened. I don’t buy a lot of merch but that was one thing I had to have. I remember the book of tickets when I was a kid and my mom still has some A’s, B, and C’s that we never used still saved in a photo album.

Now, does anyone know where the only remaining ticket booth is located in MK and what it’s used for now?

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Not from WDW but I remember them from Disneyland in the 60’s. My wife tells a story about when her family went in the late 60’s and her older sister pitched such a fit about not being able to ride the Matterhorn that they had to upgrade her ticket. Thanks to Six Flags for starting the one ticket does all.


I love that the Country Bear Jamboree was an E-Ticket attraction.

Tangentially related: Mama Don’t Whip Little Beauford is my current favorite song, Disney-related or not. There is a reason the attraction features only the first line.

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I remember them well. We’d always have leftover A- and B- tickets after our trips.

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I never went to Disney while they had these tickets, but my husband has told stories of them. I am glad for one ticket for all attractions.

Here’s a link with prices and pictures, and what for.

@neilnole do tell about the booth, so I can add it to my hidden gems list

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The refrigerator magnets sound pretty cool :slight_smile: I’m thinking of framing these tickets; they remind me so much of going to Disney as a kid.

Yes, do tell about the ticket booth!!

Thanks for the link, that was interesting! I forgot you could buy an extra E ticket for only .90....probably because my mom didn't think it was ONLY .90 and I never got one hahahahah. Probably could get 3 gallons of gas for that.

Momma, don’t whup little, Beauford,
Momma, don’t pound on his head.
Momma, don’t whup little Beauford,
I think you should shoot him instead…

My favorite too… :smile:

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I’m thinking Tomorrowland and it is now part of a DVC booth…

My guess would be frontierland and its next to CBJ, unused.

Winner winner chicken dinner, bswan.

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Here are some pics of my magnets

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Yes, we went twice before 1976. Always ran out od D & E.

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I remember them very well - but from Disneyland. I can’t remember many details but I do remember my Uncle handing out the tickets while us cousins were in line. THEN I remember when they got rid of the tickets and the cousins and I (once again) rode Space Mountain a ton of times - just cause we could! :slight_smile:

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This system is why many so old folks (like me) love The Enchanted Tiki Room. A D ticket that had to be used up? And “If You Had Wings” was FREE. I rode it over and over. And over!

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This thread inspired me… I am making a tee shirt for my trip that has a giant reproduction of a 1975 E-ticket (the year I first went to WDW). This may win a prize for Disney-geek of the week…


I remember on my first trip (1976, 11 years old) - deciding whether to use that very last E Ticket for Space Mountain or Pirates was painnnnful.

Then, after we got off of Space Mountain, an older couple walked up to my sister and I and handed us a fistful of E’s. What a great day!