Who "owns" these forums?

So maybe I'm just missing something, but with all the bug reports and feature requests already out there (after less than 24 hours of use), who exactly is responsible for fixing it? Is it Touringplans.com staff? Is it the creators of the forum software TouringPlans bought? Is it the beta-testers who largely seem to be trying to convince everyone this is a really super awesome thing? Regardless of who, it seems to me like we have a whole lot of bug reports that we're all posting, and little-to-no responses from anyone saying "thanks for the bug report, we'll fix it".

Like most other sites, we are using 3rd party forum software.

For configuration issues, we fix them on our side.

For issues with the software itself, we pass it on to Discourse, who makes regular updates.

Yes, we're reading all the threads.

Thank you, Laurel. May I suggest that you actually reply to the threads, rather than just reading them, so we know what's been acknowledged and passed on, and what is being ignored, or rejected as not a real problem, etc?

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Noted, @Mr_Itty. This is a soft open - you notice we haven't mentioned it on the main site.

Time spent replying to each report is time not spent investigating and fixing. For suggestions, we're talking about them behind the scenes.


I will add, I'm signing off for a few hours to edit blog articles. Lack of response means I'm doing something else, not ignoring the thread.

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I can appreciate that, Laurel. But right now, at this stage, there are a whole lot of people who were completely blindsided by the change. There's a lot of hurt feelings, and a lot of anger and resentment. A few messages from staff to reassure us that our issues are being looked at would go a long way, in my opinion, to convincing everyone that this is still the Lines community we've come to know and love.