Who knew DVC had its own theme song?

DD21 and I were driving home from the beach on Wednesday and she pulled up this song on her Spotify. Who knew that DVC had a theme song? :astonished: :joy:

(Maybe everyone? I don’t know. It was news to me!)


Wasn’t this highlighted in a recent edition of DisneyFiles?

I hadn’t actually heard before until you posted it though.


Maybe? I don’t pay attention to DisneyFiles! Is that the magazine we get?


I always think I’m going to read it, but there is always something else I’d rather be doing. :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Honestly, it isn’t terribly informative. But occasionally there is something interesting, so I always end up looking through it.

Mostly I like to play the spot the difference game in it!


There are a whole lot of small print disclaimers throughout this video.

I mean… every time they say Welcome Home I’ve always heard the the singsongy mushroom dude from the ET ride at Universal :see_no_evil:

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I don’t pay much an attention of it. sounds amazing!