Who is the mystery liner?

I am confused. Dex… is he for real?

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If it helps, I am confused too. It seems a little…odd?!

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very odd

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No. There is no way he’s real.
The most non-credible is that he’s staying at poly but renting rooms at BC and AKL to be close to parks, but not actually packing up and leaving poly.
Problem is, I can’t figure out who he/she actually is.
Dex Barrington is from the Country Bears. I can’t think of any liner in recent memory who had a Country Bears name, but I don’t know the Bears well at all.
There’s a certain Forrest Gumpiness to his persona, but it’s not flawless so I’m sure he’s just a troll, but an entertaining one who’s having fun. I bet Len knows who he(she) is, but he can’t tell.

I agree. Totally cannot be for real. I got the connection of the country bear name and you are right about the forest gump connection. He keeps saying “my sister says”
Just like “my momma says”. Wonder how long until someone figures out who he is

And Dex was actually the big brother… a human who gave his adopted Bear brother (Beary) a hard time early on. Anyway, he’s entertaining except that well-meaning liners keep getting sucked into giving time-consuming responses to asinine questions. Which, to be fair, is kind of entertaining in and of itself.

I’m going with Derek Burgan. He knows a bit about Disney and has the personality to pull off this prank. They even share the same initials: Derek Burgan/Dex Barrington. Maybe not, but I like this theory. =)


Who’s Derek Burgan?

He is a blogger for Touring Plans. He also is on my favorite Disney Podcast: Pardon the Pixie Dust. http://blog.touringplans.com/author/derek/

Hmm… and his twitter feed shows the humour you mentioned… https://twitter.com/derekburgan
I think you’re on to something.
But do you think TP would frown on their staff trolling their chat? Maybe not, since done in a humorous way.

I’m glad you asked this. I wasn’t sure either. I’m still not sure lol, but whoever it is, he’s making chat and forum more interesting.


And wasting people’s time like that just isn’t cool, even if it is fun for some rubberneckers.
It’s humor that’s at people’s expense, and while it’s attractive for a time, it gets old very fast.
I’ve ignored him @len. Lines is supposed to be a troll-free environment. I sincerely hope I’m wrong, and allow for the possibility I might be. But my assessment is: troll.

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Let me know if the chat behavior gets out of line, and I’ll have a word with this person. It’s not Derek.

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So if we troll a troll is it okay?

No, don’t troll @keithloveswaffles. I don’t mind the occasional bout of humor, but trolling is out.

I checked a few posts by Dex and didn’t see any obvious trolling. Let me know if I missed something.

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Well, it was a good theory anyway. (Other than the fact that I was pretty sure that TP wouldn’t approve of a staff member trolling.) :smiley:

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