Who hid Mickey?

Anyone know what happened to the Hidden Mickeys app?

It’s not in the App Store anymore so I can’t download it again. I found the books for sale but we are well past the stage of carrying a book around the parks.

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There’s more than one hidden Mickey app. Which one are you looking for?

I had no idea there were more than one! When I search in the App Store nothing comes up. This is the one I’ve always used. (Phone is acting wonky this morning. Let’s see if image sticks. Otherwise I’ll try in a bit on my laptop.)

Email Steven Barrett (super nice fellow!)



Let’s see if this works. I have it installed and I clicked to share it.


Nope. It says app not available. Bummer!!!

I follow @hiddenMickeyguy on Twitter

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Also Genie on MDE has some features- you may want to explore those-

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And WL & AKL have Hidden Mickey scavenger hunts you can pick up at the front desk.

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Cool. Thanks!

That’s what happened to me. It was on my phone still but not current version downloaded. When I tried to redownload it I got the error message.

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I saw that! I wondered if maybe there would be a whole section in the Play app but that’s a no.

My BFF has never done them so I wanted to introduce her on our upcoming trip. That is enough to get us started. And we will be doing lunch at Geyser Point on our MK day so might head to the desk for their hand out.

But I’d really like the real app again for our next family trip. We do a lot of hidden Mickey hunting as a family.

On his web site under the “Buy The Book/App” section, there’s no mention of the app.

Glad you couldn’t find it either. I kept looking but didn’t see anything.