Who do I call to inquire about WDW transaction on my CC?

I am looking through my recent bank statement, and discovered a $638.48 transaction listed as Disney Resorts-WDW Lake Buena Vista VIFL. The transaction is during the time of our recent visit, but I don’t recognize this purchase.
Does anyone have a number I can call to get more info?

I have this:


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I called once and spoke to someone.
I have this number Disney Guest Relations - 407-824-4321
I hope it is the correct one.

Ok, thanks. I’ll try it.

Thanks for the number…I called it and the rep immediately transferred me to billing…on hold, of course. lol

This one worked great for me.

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good hold music?

Usually when I have big charges like that after I’ve already paid, it’s one lump charge for Magic Band purchases that post at once. It cuts down on Disney’s transaction fees with Visa or whoever.

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Thanks for all the helpful replies. I used the 407-824-4321 number. A rep came on in about 3 minutes and then transferred me to the billing dept. I cooked lunch while on hold. Billing informed my that, yes indeed, the $638 was for Magic Band purchases for the first 5 days. Thank God I only had 1 additional day…LOL!
The Magic Bands put you in that false sense of security that you aren’t really spending money but just flicking your wrist. $638 was just for my DD19 and me for beverages and lunch (ok some souvenirs too). Table services dinners nightly were separate! YIKES!
All in all, we had a blast!


Think about it this way… in a few years you will look back and remember how much fun you had, but you won’t remember that you paid $638.48. All you will remember is the good times.


Do you have to use a password to use your magic band?

A 4 digit pin.

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I remember setting it up. I hope I remember what it is😜

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They can change it at the front desk. I’m also pretty sure I can change mine on MDE, but maybe you need the old one to do that - like changing your password. I haven’t tried so I’m not sure.