Who counts as a Member for special perks/events?

If I wanted to register for Moonlight Magic or go to the Top of the World or whatever, do my husband and I count as 2 separate members, or just 1 member since we are on the same contract? I ask because our group will be 8, and that’s more than one member can register for. I know that you can bring as many people as are on your room reservation, but we will have 2 rooms. Should we each be a lead on the two reservations? Thanks!

For Moonlight Magic, you get one 4-person reservation per contract/membership, so one per you and DH

However!!! You get reservations up to 10 for everyone on the resort reservation. So if everyone is booked into your resort reservation, you get them up to 10. At least as recently as the soon-to-be-canceled MK MM reservation for April 2020 that I am holding. :unamused:

For the first part of the trip (when MK MM would be if dates next year align with this year), the group will be split into two rooms. Neither WL or Gran Destino (the two resorts I’m waffling between) have club level rooms big enough to fit all of us. And I think I want the club level fastpasses more than the MM.

So then i think you only get as many as on your reservation. Maybe call dvc to check on the rules. I do not know if maybe it works to have you on one room reservation and DH on the other. I don’t think so, but worth asking

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Thanks! I’ll check into it if the dates end up aligning.

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I did the same thing but there’s only six of us. When I called I was told that we could have as many as 16 on a reservation for MM. My DH and I are the DVC mbrs and our names are on one room and kids are on the other. I was told that since the other room reservation was made under our contract/points we would be able to get entrance for them to the MM event.

My issue is that half of the stay is on points, the other half is cash. So if MM falls during our cash stay, and we’re in more than one room, I can’t get everyone in :frowning_face:

Oh that complicates things… you’ll need to call in and ask about how that will be handled. I hope it works in your favor! :blue_heart:

Me too! Thanks!

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If it is a DVC cash stay, ie: booked through Member Services, that counts as “on your membership” and therefore should qualify.

We hit that over NYE when we had a cash discounted stay through MS as there was no room available on points. I prepped the family that we may not be allowed up to TOTWL, but the CM said a member’s cash stay was exactly the same as staying on points.

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Is that for any room, or only rooms at DVC resorts?

A DVC room.

I don’t think you can book a non-DVC room through member services, unless you are using your points. But I don’t know what status that has, but it would count as a Disney Collection stay. If both rooms were booked on points as a trade, I guess that’s still “on your membership”.

If you are a DVC member but just booked at say POR, that’s a normal stay. You can still get DVC perks etc. but I would think just for those in your room.

Let us know what they say anyway. :crossed_fingers:

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This is our current situation. We’re booked in 2 CL rooms at YC. I’m hoping CL is back to normal 11 months from now, but if not, we may switch to a DVC room (if available).

Can you book a cash DVC room through DVC even if there is point availability? We won’t have enough points to use unless we “borrow” them from my husband’s uncle.

Yes you can! We do it every time because points don’t go far at Christmas lol!

Sometimes they will have discounted rooms, 25% off. It actually makes doing that for a 1-bed cheaper than renting someone’s points.

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This is excellent to know!! How far in advance do you usually book this type of reservation?

As soon as we book the points stay.

For our now cancelled Christmas trip I booked it at 11 months out.

I assume the 11/7 month thing still applies though? We’d be looking at other than home resorts for the remainder of our stay…probably BC and CC.


We had booked a 2-bed Standard at Bay Lake at our 11 month window. Actually I’d walked it.

When we reached the actual start of that and I’d completed the walk, I called Member Services. We wanted to add a few nights at the start of our stay and asked what she had with a discount. I said we would love BCV or BWV, but would consider any others.

She offered a 1-bed at OKW, a studio at BWV and a studio at BCV. We took about 10 seconds to agree on BCV. It’s a cash stay, so you can book 11 months out at any resort.

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