White House approval--how long

We turned in our SS#s and all that 9 days ago. Not just to our Senator’s office, to some new centralized web 2.0 place. How long do they take to tell you if you get a ticket?

Mine took more than a month, and I ended up not getting in (my rep’s staff did not appear to be particularly organized). @Brian had better luck, and I think it only took a couple of weeks.

Getting to the point where they ask for your socials is the hard part. If they need that stuff it means your member of Congress has already passed you to White House security.

Now you likely won’t hear a peep until a few weeks before your day (we heard about 3 weeks out). Then you’ll get a message with the day and time.

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I am waiting on this now too! Submitted everything back in Feb and we are going in 2 weeks. They said we would only hear a week or two ahead of time so I haven’t abandoned all hope yet :blush:

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My Aunt is taking my DD and DN in a few weeks. They have been working on this since their travel dates were solidified in late Feb/early March. They have turned in everything, and now are just waiting. I think the issue at this point for them is that there are no passes available so they are waiting on cancellations. Sounds like they need res finder… :wink:

Are you going the same time as my Aunt, DD and DN? They travel 6/3-5

The staff from my representative was very on top of things. The numbers from our family were submitted on time and we still didn’t get in. I will say that the first time I got something from the White House, it was in my spam folder. Apparently even my email filters didn’t think I was important enough to get an email from the White House. So, if you haven’t heard from them, you want to check your other email folders.

Nope! We will just miss them :upside_down_face:

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It is probably worth mentioning that White House email ending up in spam was a good thing back in the early Internet days… In the 1990s, Whitehouse.com was an adult site, which many people found out unintentionally. :wink:

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We have relatives coming in July, and we put in for White House tickets several months ago. We just heard about two weeks ago that we wouldn’t be getting any tickets. I think it’s a super-busy time for people to want to visit the White House.

I requested in January for next week. I found out on 06/10 that we were approved. Heard yesterday about someone who requested a month ago for the same time frame and they were turned down due to space limitations.