Whispering Canyon: can teen order for kids menu?

We’re traveling with a picky 15 yr old who was given the thumbs down to Whispering Canyon’s menu. Does anyone know if a teen can order an “adult size” (picked accordingly) portion from the kids menu here?

Yes. Anyone can order from the kids menu, but they will charge you an adult price with an adult portion.


That’s not always true.

May be true in some cases but in many cases you can get a kids portion at a kids price no matter who you are (prix fixe aside)

Depending on what your picky eater’s choice is, the child portion may be enough.

Last week 3 of us often ordered either from the child menu or an appetizer. The usual adult entrees are just too much food unless we’re sharing which only worked out at counter service places this trip.

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There are multiple issues at play:

  • Does your kid look like they could be the age of a “child”?
  • Are they ordering the adult size or just the regular kid size?
  • Is the restaurant prix fixe / buffet or a la carte?
  • Does the particular restaurant tend to be stingy about enforcing ages for meals? (most at Disney aren’t)
  • Do you receive a server who is especially stringent about enforcing ages for meals?
  • Are you ok paying adult prices with kid portions if it comes to it? (i.e., do you just want the kid portion to avoid waste, or are you trying to save money?)

Any of these factors could trip the wire. Most of the time I have had servers who are accommodating of special requests like this, especially if you say something like, “I’m willing to pay for …” Make sure they know you’re not trying to take advantage of a loophole, you just want the most appropriate meal for your child.

Thanks! She’s 15, zero chance of pass as the under 9 crowd :slight_smile:

I’m happy to pay for an adult price or child, we’re going to be on vacation - goal is for everyone to be happy not battle over food choices (I save that for the house)

I’ve heard Italy and Mexico in Epcot are a no go for this better it appears the trend is in general they’ll accommodate. I agree, I’m not looking for a special deal, looking for a peaceful meal

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We four ate at 5 ts or maybe 6 restaurants last week and only one ever ordered from the adult menu.

While the child menu may not be offered to you it’s essy to look up on line.

One teen always ordered from the child menu - she rarely eats a lot. Another almost exclusively ordered from among the appetizers.

We ate at Coral Reef, Ale & Compass, Rose & Crown, Tiffins, Rix and Turf Club.

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