Whispering Canyon Cafe - Lunch?

I’m looking at the lunch menu and it looks to be largely breakfast food?

Anyone been recently at lunchtime?

DD went recently and has breakfast food. I’ll ask what time it was.


I want a TS lunch in the MK resort area

Looking like Steakhouse 71 which I’m not wicked excited about

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Gtand Floridian Cafe?

It’s a possibility

I enjoyed lunch there.

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Do they do lunch? I find that they almost all stop
serving from 12ish to 5ish

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I know they did before their refurb. We sometimes drive Athena to work and try to get a reservation around 3:30/4:00 for the parking spot. We’ve eaten there a couple times

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Oh look they do until 2pm.

I think I like this option most