Which would work best?

We originally wanted to eat at Le Cellier on our evening at Epcot after an afternoon break at the resort. (My husband and 3 sons are big steak eaters.) The only ADRs I can get for a party of 5 is at 5:10 or 8:35. I was thinking that my kids would want to ride rides when we first arrive, so the 5:10 seems too early and the 8:35 is way too late.

So my next thought is Narcoossee’s before we leave GF for Epcot…5:00 ADR. Will leave us enough time to get any rides accomplished at Epcot? It is scheduled to close at 9. We would like to ride Test Track, Soarin’ and Space Ship Earth. Is that doable with the time we have left? And if so, what time should I schedule our 1st FPP after dinner?

Should I switch to Narcoossee or stick with our original ADR at Le Cellier for 5:10?

Dining plan or out of pocket?

Dining plan

Timing wise le cel works better. But value wise on plan narcoosee is the better choice.

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Of your 2 options 5:10 Le Cellier, other suggestions are ohana or chefs de France? Where are you in the morning and afternoon? Do you have 3 FPP for the evening?

We are eating at ohana another night and I worry that chefs de France will be too “adventurous” for my kids. Do they have a “steak and potatoes” option? I will have 2 or 3 FPP to use that night.

Another option is the Yachtsman Steakhouse at YC. Then you could walk over, I think it would be faster than Narcoosee’s.


I would make 2 suggestions. Yachtsman Steakhouse or Monsieur Paul in France. Have had some wonderful meals at both. Both are Signature meals on the dining plan. Well worth it.

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Age of kids? Monsieur Paul’s has a dress code. I would not consider it kid friendly.

I know people go to the boardwalk resorts all the time for dinner, but you will lose ~30 min leaving and going back though security.

Chefs de France has lots of steak and potato options and is only one dining credit - https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/epcot/chefs-de-france/menus/dinner/

For a 5 pm dining, I would do FP at 6,7, and 8 - remember that you will babe from 6-7 to use your first Fastpass. You won’t be able to FP Soarin and Test Track. If you want to skip illuminations, you can jump in line for one of them right before close for a shorter wait.

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since you can’t prebook both soarin and test track, you could always try the single rider line at TT. DH and I have done that and often got lucky and rode together

My kids are DS14, DS11, and DS 8. We definitely don’t want a dress code. I have put in a Res Finder for a better Le Cellier time. Hopefully that will work. If we could just do one ride before we eat that would be better, but if not my kids are old enough to suck it up!

yes Monsieur Paul’s has a dress code, however t is in a Park, and when I’ve ate there, and others with Dress code, Yatchsman, HBD, Jiko, and others, its more lax. Also in both times we have ate at Monsieur Paul, there were a number of families with kids.

Chefs de France, when we ate there we were rushed thru and the food was not great, I’ve seen many reviews that say its gone downhill, same as Le Cellier.

If you look at the menue for Chef’s de France and Monsieur Paul, you will see a steak listed and worded the same as what the cut of beef is, and I can tell you for a fact that the beef is not the same. I have pictures and the way it tasted, so different.