Which week now that Pop Warner is gone?!

OK so getting our 2021 redo trip planned…cancelled 2020 but I’m thinking positively this year lol. This is all provided the course of the pandemic and vaccinations go in the right direction and we end up going which I think we will, as we are moving to the Disney area in about 10 weeks, so no air travel involved (not that I don’t think air travel will be safe then/is now, that was just personally part of our reasoning for canceling 2020).

We typically go the week after Thanksgiving…holiday magic, Thanksgiving crowds drop-off that week since kids back at school etc…we like going not during the school breaks. We’ve also gone early December, 1st or 2nd week before Christmas holiday crowds, also magical. Only drawback IMO, is the Pop Warner event the first week of December. I realize they stay at the AS resorts typically so only those are overrun, but we have seen lots of giant groups of loud, unsupervised teams/teens/cheer squads in the parks and decided the last time we encountered that week we’d prefer to avoid it in the future. (No offense to teens, we have 1 and one almost teen lol, giant groups of them are just not what I prefer on our magical vacation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. )

That said - with PW moving to that other place lol…would you suggest we stick with week after Thanksgiving or first week of December now?! Going to look at the crowd calendar as well.

Don’t go that week! It will be horrible!

Just kidding, we are planning that week as well. My kids’ school typically has off the Monday and Tuesday after Thanksgiving, so they would only miss 3 days of school.

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LOL! I love right after or between the holiday breaks even if it means missing some school. Can definitely see a diff in crowd levels!


I have a deposit on a trip for 12/1/21 - 12/12/21. I enjoy going that first week of December as it’s usually a slower time. The only real “headache”, in the past, have been the Pop Warner teams / activities. I’m thrilled they’ve moved to Universal! It’s going to be such a better trip - especially if you want to stay at a Value resort.

What happened? Those POP Warner kids were the only flaw to my masterfully laid out WDW vacations year after year. Are they gone? Really truly?

Caught up now…yay!

We’ll be there that time too! And I’m so happy that they’ll be at UOR, because at least there, I can get an express pass and not be AS annoyed. Even then, If they all have express too, I’ll happily sip and savor Butterbeers or Flaming Moe’s until I find the right time to jump in queue!

I’m betting they stay at the “Endless” value resorts that don’t include UXP. With Pop gone from WDW, I’m not even tempted to visit UOR that week. There’s not as much space to spread them out.

It’ll be good financial boost for UOR’s bottom line, but as far as I’m concerned they can have them. I’ll just go for HHN instead of Christmas at UOR. :grin:

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Looks like they will be housed at both Cabana Bay AND endless Summer dockside. I for one am thrilled that they moved. I love kids…have a few of my own (lol) but there was never enough supervision for all of those pop kids. Value resorts will once again be an option at the beg of Dec!


Oh I’m with ya! Couldn’t stand it, it was a definite deterrent for us, we’d avoid that week. Ended up actually booking week after Thanksgiving just because that happened to workout better, and coordinated with the schedule of friends who are meeting us there this particular trip but happy to have early December as an option!!


Yup, this!

Agree 100%! Love kids, but the big, loud, unsupervised groups, was such a drag!

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I love so much how this group just GETS how I feel on this! So many other “non-Disney” people or a friend who coaches cheer, would bash me for this opinion lol!