Which Waterpark BB or TL

Need some advice. Planning a day at Waterpark with DD13 and DW on 5/12/17. DD & I have already done TL in 2013. We loved the swimming with the sharks but I heard that is gone now. Would like to cross BB off the bucket list but want to pick the park that is more friendly to the DW. She’s not a fan of waterparks but will do lazy river, and family rides like the new Miss Adventure falls or any ride as long as it’s slow moving. Basically which park would be more family friendly?

Also do any of the WP’s do EMH? We are staying at SSR and using Disney Transportation but will have access to a vehicle. Should we use the car?

I really enjoy BB. The lazy river is great. There is a family raft ride, but it’s not slow. It is very fun! Both have wave pools that you cannot characterize as gentle. I would do BB because you haven’t done it.

I would say BB. Our family mostly prefers the rides at BB more than TL. The exception would be the wave pool at TL.