Which water park with a weak swimmer?

I’m looking for a little advice on the following… going to WDW in early May, my DD7 has her heart set on a water park. The choice between Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach is up to me, and comes down mainly to which park is would be more enjoyable for a week 7 year old swimmer.

At first I leaned towards Typhoon Lagoon, because I heard that the wave pool was far better, the theming was more up our alley, and because the rides are better than BB (apart from Summit Plummet which she would be too timid for). However, after watching video, I must say that the big waves at the TL wave pool look daunting. It’s a little difficult to tell from video if a weak swimmer can hang out in the shallows of the TL wave pool and not be overwhelmed. I also read that the pool alternates between 90 minutes of waves and 30 minutes of calm, though only one website mentioned that and I’d like confirmation.


Blizzard Beach. It has a dedicated area for under 12s called ski patrol My kids at 10/7 much preferred BB over TL. There is a family raft ride and slides. Im not a great wp /pool person and even I enjoyed it.
TL wave pool is brutal. My ds10 was in school swim team at that time and he struggled.
We were very surprised as we though TL looked a better fit for us before we went but we were wrong

your post echoes strongly what I’d suspected might be our feelings as well. thanks!

Went with my kids 7 and 4 last summer and BB was great. Lots of things to do in the ski patrol area and many of the rides you’re in tubes or ‘sleds’ so the amount of actual swimming is limited. Haven’t been to TL but are doing BB again next time for sure.

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