Which Universal hotel would be best for us please?


It will be me, DH, DD9, and DD7. While the girls and I would love Cabana, we would like the express pass more. I was thinking HRH, great location, pool, restaurants, etc. But it sounds like it could be rather loud and busy, so the Royal Pacific could be a better fit. Any thoughts please?


We loved HRH. We didn’t really spend any time there though, we were in the parks.


I have stayed at both RPR and HRH. Rooms are bigger at HRH and the resort is 5 minutes from the entrance to USF. Overall, RPR is prettier, but the smaller rooms may negate that. I think it depends on how much time you plan to spend in the room.


We love RPR: it’s a calm respite from the insanity of the parks. We’ve stayed with two teenage boys and didn’t find the room cramped at all.


After reading what @bgmutza said, I should clarify. I was at RPR with two adults and three kids and it was tight. When we opened up the rollaway, we couldn’t move around the room. If you just have four people and no extra bed, it should probably work out fine. I should also say when I stayed at HRH in October, I didn’t find it to be exceptionally loud and crazy.


Thanks @rebeecky @bgmutza @missoverexcited It is the loud and crazy bit that worries me. We only spend half the day at the park and the rest of the time is usually around the pool.


The pool was busy, but it wasn’t particularly loud or frantic, it was pretty relaxed and there was a singer outside the bar.


We have stayed at the HRH multiple times and have never felt it was overly loud. The pool is large and not insanely crowded. It’s such an easy walk from the HRH to the parks and City Walk. We love it.


We’ve stayed at royal Pacific twice and enjoyed it

But we dined at HRH last time and loved the buzz around the place

Think we will be trying portofino this July though


We loved Portofino - it’s a really elegant place and the kids’ pool is quite large - but what I really liked was that the enormous lap pool (think movie stars/1950’s style pool!) was completely separate with a gorgeous Italian-villa-in-the-countryside feel. Their restaurants are all really good, and it’s a pleasant walk or boat ride to CityWalk. Our room overlooked the “bay” which made for some very pretty mornings/evenings.