Which type of Stroller to use

I am debating which type of stroller to use for WDW. We currently have a side by side graco that works great but its really heavy and large. I’m worried about carrying it on and off the shuttle bus. We are staying at the Art of Animation hotel. It is worth it to purchase a sit n stand or a double umbrella stroller? I like the storage of our current stroller underneath compared to either of these options. I have a 2 1/2 yr old and a 4 1/2 yr old. It’s our first visit to WDW so not sure what to do. Any recommendations on strollers would be most helpful. Thanks.

We are renting a City mini GT double through Kingdom Strollers. Then we don’t have to haul our (not nearly as nice) stroller with us. Plus they cover anything that might happen to it while in the parks.

Maybe check out renting a more lightweight stroller?

We rented a City Mini GT double though Kingdom Strollers in May. The booking process was easy and it was at our resort when we checked in. So convenient! It’s a little bit bulky because it is a side-by-side double, but I found it maneuvered well in the parks. Also, it was super easy to fold and it was pretty compact when folded. We took it on Disney Transportation and didn’t have any issues. It was also comfortable and reclined to almost flat. My just-turned-three year old had a few naps in it while we were in the park which was a bonus!

For what it’s worth, I have a Joovy Sit & Stand here at home that we really love. Our kids are currently 6 and almost 4 and it has served us very well. But, we will not be bringing it to Disney not only because it feels like a hassle, but also because the Sit & Stand doesn’t really let both children recline very well. We anticipate renting a side by side double stroller from one of the outside vendors (could be Kingdom Strollers, could be another vendor, depends on cost as we get closer). We want the ease of having it delivered to & picked up from our hotel, but also plan to utilize the stroller as a cat-nap spot for both kids, so we want that recline option!

I found this comparison article to be really helpful. My husband is very tall so I’m always trying to compare handle heights on strollers so he won’t kick the stroller as he takes a turn. http://wdwprepschool.com/disney-world-strollers/

We had a Britax single and my brother used a double: in our humble opinion easiest strollers to collapse and carry. Originally bought mine for a Disney trip when DD was young and it lasted through several more trips, airports, etc. if you can try some models out at a local store first it might help your decision. I think it is worth every penny (they have a large height and weight range which helped because my daughter was tall for her age)

Definitely recommend renting a stroller! Love the city mini we had last trip and renting again this trip from Orlando Stroller Rentals