Which TS in Mexico has better food?


This is my first thread that I've started in forum. Hope I put it in the right place. Which TS do you prefer and why? 2 adults, 3 kids. Thanks


We prefer La Hacienda over San angel. The food is better IMO. It's a must do for us for every trip.


Funny, my son was just saying he would like to try one of these on a future trip so thank you for asking!


I haven't eaten at any of them because living in New Mexico makes me hesitant to try Mexican food in a theme park. Snobbery aside, I would probably try La Hacienda first. I don't think I've ever read a bad review of the place.

And congrats on your first Forum thread!


Thanks; Hacienda it is!


LaH, without question. Upscale Mexican food, definitely not Taco Hell.


I haven't tried either yet, for the same reason as @SallyEppcot , but my mini's are begging to eat inside the Pyramid. Apparently playing Agent P while mom hits La Cava doesn't quite cut it for them anymore. frowning I've read that La H is better, food-wise, but SA has better theming.


That is always my debate. I really want to eat inside the pavilion but never do it because the menu doesn't appeal to my family. In my perfect world I could sit in there drinking margaritas and eating chips and some delicious appetizer.


LA Hacienda better food, San Angel better atmosphere.


If I acquiesce, I'll just have a drink & apps.


Read somewhere (Lines?) recently that San Angel has more authentic Mexican food, that a lot of folks don't like it b/c of that? Or am I forgetting and same type of Mexican food both locations, just done better at Hacienda?

We've been to San Angel few times yrs ago. But heard they changed menu, so sounds interesting to me. We like TexMex, make it at home a lot. But I've had good food yrs ago in Mexico, though was definitely diferent from what I expected.


Based on food alone, La Hacienda, hands down. Get a margarita at La Cava and enjoy the inside of the Mexican pyramid, then go to LH for better food.


Gonna try San angel! Want to eat in by the ride.


Keep in mind that if you don't have a table very close to the rail, you won't be able to see the boats; just the pyramid in the background...


Your local Mexican restaraunt is better than San Angel Inn. La Hacienda on the other hand is most excellent. Kind of gourmet Mexican if that makes sense.


Welllll... If you lived in Pensacola you wouldn't say that smile But La Hacienda id definitely better than SAI.