Which Tower Should I Request at the Disneyland Hotel?

We will be staying at the Disneyland Hotel in August for the first time. We have stayed at Paradise Pier once and Grand Californian twice. We will have 5 adults, a 7 year old, a 4 year old, and at that time, an 8 month old.

Which tower, Fantasy, Adventure, or Frontier would be the one that you would recommend and why?

It largely depends on what you’re looking for & what room category you have. I grabbed the below snap from Google Maps to help you visualize & hopefully you can get a sense of what you’d like.

Adventureland Tower is the shortest walk from Downtown Disney/monorail. Views could be Downtown Disney or if high enough to clear the surrounding Downtown Disney buildings, then a theme park view on the one side. The other side is pool views if high enough.

Fantasy Tower is over the lobby and has the one side that has a theme park view (but also is more directly centered on parking lots & Pixar Pier so you will see those too) if high enough. I imagine the lower floors on that side would be just parking lot views. The other side has pool views.

Frontier Tower is the farthest walk from Downtown Disney/Monorail but not too much longer AND it puts you through the grounds of DLH which are my favorite Disney resort grounds so I don’t mind that walk one bit. One side of Frontier Tower is pool views if high enough, the rest are standard/no view. The one time we stayed at DLH our room was a pool view room in Frontier Tower and I LOVED it. One quick note about Frontier Tower is that it is the closest to the construction for the new DVC tower, so depending on what stage that is at, during the day you’ll hear some of that noise.

Good luck with your request!


Thank you. The map helps clarify locations.

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I like Fantasy standard view. Cuz you can see the fireworks for a cheap price and it’s the most convenient. Higher floor of course. I’ve never stayed in Adventure but it’d be my 2nd choice. My frontier tower room felt far from most things.