Which to do?

Hey, we’ll be headed to WDW in April for the Springtime surprise race, my hubby and myself. On the days we go to the parks, we want to be sure to get in Guardians and Tron, which we missed our last trip. My question is this…come time those days, nice and early, do you think we should try for a virtual que for them, or shoot for an ILL? We’re fine with the extra cost, just for these 2 rides, but was wondering if it was worth it, or recommended, to maybe try for a virtual que first and ILL if that doesn’t work, or if ILL fills up quick too, should we just do that? (Ok, 2 questions!) TIA

Each go for one. Problem solved! You can both login as the same person but on two devices and do each. Bonus. You get to ride twice!

My guess but maybe someone with data will respond is that VQ would “sell” out first.

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Definitely try the VQ first. Then ILL.

I haven’t had any problems getting a VQ for both rides. I suggest opening up the World Clock so you can try right at 7:00, or whatever time you’re wanting.

We did both for both. But honestly, I think I would just pay for Tron. The ride isn’t worth the wait for the VQ. It is fun…but we waited 50 minutes in the VQ, and it wasn’t really worth it. In the future I would probably just pay for the ILL. (We rode using the ILL first, then immediately rode again using the VQ.)

The exception might be if we used BG1 to get a very early BG. We were actually purposely not trying to an early BG…but perhaps the wait for an early BG would be low? But then you would miss rope dropping other rides instead.