Which Tier 1 FPP at EP with Garden Grill PPO?

Initially I was going to CXL our 8:05 ADR at Garden Grill since we also have Chef Mickey (breakfast) and Tusker House (lunch or dinner) other days, but it seems everyone likes it, and it will have us finishing early enough to hit Soarin’ before the lines get too long. So if we keep the ADR, should we plan to RD Soarin’, then head to FEA, and FPP TT, or try to get FPP for FEA and then go to TT after Soarin’?

Or should we drop the ADR and RD something else? It sounds like sometimes TT isn’t ready at RD?

We have a 3 yo and 6 yo (boys), first week of July, staying on-site, and EP is the last day of 7 on our reservation, so I hope we’ll have our pick of FPPs there. There’s a tiny risk my 39 7/8" 3 yo won’t be tall enough for TT or Soarin’ but I’m crossing my fingers on that. :stuck_out_tongue: And shopping thick-soled sandals. They have both watched YouTube videos of the rides so I’m hoping they’ll be down with everything.

My 6 y/o LOVES Test Track. I would totally book a FP there, RD Soarin’ and then head to FEA. If the line is just too long maybe your boys would be ok to skip it? Or is something they are really looking forward to?

If you want to ride everything will little wait, i’d FP FEA and RD Soarin’ and then look for SDFP drops for TT later in the day. I believe they only drop TT and Soarin’, not FEA.

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FP Test Track. It’s unreliable.


Oldest has seen Frozen and liked it well enough, knows the songs from school friends, but says it’s “For girls.” :joy: We were planning on watching it with the youngest again b4 the trip, but they both seemed excited about TT after watching the video (3 yo wants to “go fast”).

Garden Grill breakfast is our family’s favorite, went in 2018. I agree to head to Soarin’ first, then FEA, and FP Test Track … it goes down alot during the morning.

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What if we RD Soarin, then tried TT, and FP FEA later in the day, with an eye towards getting a 4th FP? Seems like same day FP+ never happens with FEA, but sometimes with TT, and maybe the lines won’t be so bad after doing Soarin once?

This is the day after July 4, a Friday, when CL isn’t supposedly terrible, but I’m suspicious. It’s also our last day at WDW!

There are same day drops for FEA. TT won’t drop if it has had any significant down time. And if it has been down, it won’t have opened yet after doing Soarin. You should always get a FP for the thing that you must ride - don’t rely on a drop. On our last trip, the day we didn’t FP TT was the day that it was down the entire morning and FP only the rest of the day.

TT was down in the morning when we wentx at least with a FP it will turn into an anytime pass for you to use later or on another attraction. Here is a great video from Touring Plans:

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This is a good point. I think I want to do FEA probably more than my boys. :joy:

Glad I’m not dragging them to princess meets like I’d probably be doing with daughters, but secretly hoping to squeeze in at least a few of the princess-y stuff.

Epcot seems like one of the less challenging parks, but when I started building my plan for it, it almost seems impossible to do in a day. Doesn’t help that I want to hit some of the more nostalgic things (for me) that are probably not all that exciting for kids and/or are really far from other activities and require TONS of walking.

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Yeah it’s huge, you can’t do it in a day. I did FEA on my own and it was crap so I’ll skip it in future.

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Pro tip: if you keep the PPO GG, head to Soarin early…maybe 20 min before the park opens? It’s possible that you could ride it once before the park even opens and then ride a second time before the RD crowd arrives (or leave for FEA, and hopefully not be behind the RD crowd to Norway).

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Your 3 year old must be a lot taller than mine, because there is no way he will be tall enough for either TT or Soarin’! I don’t know that this will work, but my plan is to RD Soarin’ after GG, have some FPs for TT, rider swap, and then some FPs for FEA + rider swap. 3 year old rode FEA last year and was terrified, so I am assuming he won’t ride it this year. It is listed as having rider swap available despite the lack of height restriction. If he does want to, we will figure it out, but if not, the rest of us (party of 6) will get to ride everything with just the waiting time of rider swap. That could be an option for you if your kiddo ends up too short.

It’s not MY 3yo, sadly. I WISH I still had little kids…but alas I’m still waiting for someone to make a Grandma outta me. I cannot WAIT to take some grandkids to the World! For now I’ll have to keep spoiling my nieces and nephews. :):smiley:

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My 3yo is like a hair shy of 40" with regular shoes on. Hopefully he’ll make up the last 1/8 between now and July, lol. He’s less cautious than my 6yo, so I think he’s probably going to want to do everything the 6yo can.

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Goldie, that’s tall! My 3 year old is a shrimp. I measured him at 35” recently. He might make Barnstormer but I think he would be too scared. Last year he hated all the rides except Dumbo and its a small world, but he loved meeting characters. Hoping the character love stays and he is a little more flexible with rides, but the only ride I really wish he were tall enough to ride is Test Track. He LOVES cars.

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Definitely try to finish a bit early. They will usually start loading at 8:50 and you can easily get 2 rides in. Personally i will FP FEA and then do singke rider gor TT. I see your kids are younger so that will probably not work for you. I do like TT better than FEA so i would say get the FP for TT.

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Yep, he’s taller than his 5 yo cousin who’s also going to WDW this summer. :wink:

I have been struggeling with this myself. I don’t think my family will tolerate walking to GG from the IG, over to FEA after breakfast and then back to Future World before heading back to WS. I think we will have to gamble with TT not being open.

We have never ridden TT (I have ridden RSR) but DH and I really like FEA (DD8 could take or leave it) so that is the other thing I have to consider!

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