Which strategy?

I will maybe have to wait and see I suppose, but I’m wondering…

DH and I plan a split day at HS and EP. We don’t have much at HS that we want to do, but of course all headliners: TSMM, ToT, RnR, and he wants to meet Chewy, trade with Jawas, and I want to see Sorcerer Mickey (Sorcerer’s Apprentice was my favorite short story as a kid). At EP we plan Soarin and TT in FW but mainly WS for eats and drinks in the afternoon/evening.

I was realizing that I had set up the two touring plans using FPP for all of the headliners. Which obviously I can’t do. So I reset them without FPP for now.

I’m wondering, since Soarin is high on everyone’s radar, if I should try to RD Soarin and Single rider TT and THEN transfer to HS for the things we want there (with FPP as applicable), returning to WS for the afternoon/evening. Having not done a whole heck of a lot of park hopping, and not between these two as yet, I have no idea whether it will be a lot of rigmarole with little gain in time given transfers to and fro, or whether we will really do better by attacking it this way.

Your plan makes sense to me. That could be my type of plan. Plus those two parks are within walking distance (or boat) of each other.

I would totally do that. Especially if you “walk with purpose” to Soarin’ and Test Track. I would probably boat to and fro to save steps for the DHS touring and WS touring later in the day.

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That’s what I was thinking: bus to EP pre-RD, walk with purpose to Soarin, Single Rider TT. Then walk to IG and boat or walk to HS. Use FPP there and then boat back for WS

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You are going in September right? That’s automatically going to mean some lower wait times. I’m gonna go against the grain here lol. I would say RD HS and hit tsmm first, then do ToT and Single Rider on RnRc so you aren’t actually using any fp’s which you can use for soarin’ at EP.

Even though you can walk or take the boat you are still talking likely an hour each way to transfer parks so doing that twice is going to eat a decent amount of time from your day.

Conversely you could rope drop Epcot and head to Soarin’ (or maybe book a pre-rd GG) and ride that first then test track and snack around WS for lunch and then end the night at HS with your FP’s and catch the Star Wars fireworks.

I was wondering about that approach. Thanks for your input!

We will be there labor day weekend so I don’t know if the lower crowds still applies. Crowd calendar has us around 2 (AK - which I doubt, with new things opening, perhaps even RoL by then) - 6 (MK) depending on the day/park. But I did ask about TSMM having better waits with third track so your suggestion could work well.

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I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s REALLY a wait and see game for that week still, just because there’s no way to know how AK’s later hours (and later than any other park to boot) will impact the crowd levels at ALL of the parks. Throw in increased capacity at Toy Story (more capacity usually means shorter lines, but shorter lines can mean more people will get in line, thus a higher portion of the crowd will be there at any given time which reduces the lines at other attractions) to confound the predictions for HS, and possibly higher demand for Soarin plus 2 Frozen attractions with high demand shaking it up at Epcot and it’s hard to place a ton of confidence in forecasts at this point.

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