Which Starbucks mugs are available in the parks?

I really like these: https://thedisneyblog.com/2018/12/16/walt-disney-world-starbucks-you-are-here-mugs-now-available-online/

But are they still available?

I’m less keen on these: https://insidethemagic.net/2019/04/disney-starbucks-been-there-mugs-ba1/

Well, I’m using this one that I bought at the end of March as I type at my desk. I also picked up the MK one for myself and that AK mug for a gift. The only one I can’t confirm as of March is the HS mug.

As of last week, these were still at MK

Oh wow, they must have changed them very recently. I much prefer the previous ones! Glad I bought when I did.

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Yeah, that’s the problem — so do I.

Thanks for posting — but that’s not the news I wanted to hear!

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I know that as of May 11, 2019 the Epcot one in your first link is available for $5.99 at the Character Warehouse at the Vineland Premium Outlets. I think they are phasing out the ones you had first linked, in favor of the ones in your second link. Not seen the other mugs at the outlet, just Epcot. Goodluck!
I am going to be in Disney this Sunday, the 19th. If I find any, I will let you know.

I’m doomed.

As I said on Chat, the valuable lesson here is: if you see something you like at WDW, buy it immediately — you may never have the chance again.


You almost never give good advice. This is an exception.


This from the woman who advised me to stay at the Worst Hotel in the World. (And I don’t mean “World” in the Disney sense. I mean the entire face of the planet.)


Eh, never mind him. Leave it to @mousematt to be miserable amidst tiki torches and tonga toast :joy:

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