Which rooms are the last to book up?

I know many people are against leading/overlapping reservations, no need to debate that here.

Anyway, I’m considering doing a leading/overlapping reservation for ADR purposes. We are doing a 3 way split stay, so even though we will be there 12 nights, we lose the ADR advantage every time we move. Mostly I want Beaches and Cream for my party of 8. I’ve never been able to get an ADR there. So, in trying to be as considerate as possible when making this “fake” reservation, I was thinking I should book a room that isn’t likely to sell out anyway. Any ideas which rooms fall into that category? I figure if I book it as a package I only have to cough up $200 regardless of the price of the room, and I can handle that amount of money being tied up for a few weeks. We will be there next year late April/early May. Thanks!

I don’t think you don’t need a room reservation to book ADRs, you just have to be within that 180 day window.

That’s true, but an onsite reservation allows you to book your ADRs for your entire stay (up to either 10 or 14 days, I can’t remember) on the 180th day from check-in. For certain ADRs, especially when you have a group of 8, availability can’t be found at 180 days. But it can at 180+6 or 180+10. It’s a lot like FPP availability…you try to book the harder to get stuff later in your trip.

Good point. I didn’t think of that…

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Maybe pirate rooms at CBR?

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You only need that overlapping reservation for a few days. There are plenty of hotel room available at 30-60 days out and many more available at 180. I’d say the deluxe/most expensive rooms book last. Book a 12 night stay at one of those, make your ADRs and then cancel once you are in the 180 window for your last days of the split stay. You’d be cancelling in plenty of time for someone else to get that room. So many people don’t book at 180.


That’s a good point. I’m probably fine choosing just about any room at that point. I’ve never done a leading/overlapping reservation before and I’m probably over thinking it!!

It’s 10 days.

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