Which rooms are closest to transportation at Grand Floridian?

Long story short I have a terminal illness and have recently acquired some mobility issues. It’s not severe enough to require a scooter or wheelchair and I don’t anticipate needing one for our trip in December. That being said, I know that transport at Grand Floridian comes in the form of boats, monorail, and bus. What building/room area should I request that will make the most of my limited energy? Thank you very much!

The folks at the disability services number that I called recommended that I request Big Pine Key, and that the only other building that would be ideal, Sugarloaf, was concierge only. Does this sound right?

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Hi there. I’m so very sorry to hear that.

Here is a map with a bus icon indicating the stop. Looks like Sago Key would also be pretty close:


Also from the map, looks like Big Pine Key is pretty far from the stop. You might want to call back again and speak with another CM to confirm either way. I’ve had varying degrees of luck depending on which CM I am speaking to, sometimes totally incorrect info.

We stayed at Big Pine Key a few times years ago. My recollection is that we felt it was the farthest building away from everything. But the resort itself is not huge