Which room to request at Boardwalk Villas?


We have an upcoming family trip booked at Boardwalk Villas. We have two standard view studio rooms booked and I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on which rooms to request? My mom is older and has some mobility issues, so we would like to be closer to the elevators and have a decent view if possible. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



You can poke around at the link below to find specific rooms and views, but the elevators are closest to the lobby area…and most of the standard view rooms are in the southern building.


As far a views, it kind of depends on what you want to look at. We didn’t want to look at the pool areas, so I requested a room on the east side, where you can overlook the roadway and pond area coming into the hotel (although, the best views there are a bit further away from the elevators).

First floor rooms you can just walk out the door to the Boardwalk level directly. Second floor rooms are the same level as the lobby. Views from the third floor MIGHT be blocked by trees, depending on where you are at. But some are lovely views.

You might want to list in your room request that your FIRST preference is to be close to the elevators, and then second preference might be more specific room areas, based on what you want.

I would suggest that if you want the rooms near each other that you request that and nothing else.

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I agree. None of the standard views at BWV are horrible. I would ask for the following in order of priority and let them know this is the priority ranking:

  1. rooms together
  2. rooms near the main elevator (because of mobility issues)
  3. rooms on the 1st or 2nd floor (because of mobility issues)

MostlynI would stick with 1) together and 2) near the main lobby. Some of those standard rooms are a hike down a dead end.

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