Which rides for MK morning with no FPP?

Which rides would be best to do on a MK morning without FPP? We’ll have another day at MK, so just looking for rides that generally have low waits in the morning. Planning on being there for RD but not at the front.

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It depends on what you enjoy, but if I had no FPPs and was not at the front I would do space, buzz, splash, thunder, haunted mansion and IASW first - changing if wait times were too high. alternatively, skip space and buzz, start at splash and the do the others with pirates and jungle cruise.


We’ll ride pretty much anything, just want to avoid waiting as much as possible!

We have FPPs for splash, BTMRR, and 7DMT the day before so maybe we’ll just plan on whatever we don’t get to that day.

I’d do Space, Buzz, POC, HM, IASW in that order. I might try to squeeze in JC if waits are low but it kind of sucks up a lot of that prime early-morning ride time.


Agreed. This is the optimal order. Except I’m not a IASW fan. I’d substitute Country Bears in that slot and then head through the underpass to back to Adventureland for Tiki. Depending on the CL you can do all that before lunch.

JC is in my Top 3 favorite MK attractions, but rarely is the line short. I’d suggest a FPP as it’s a hot outdoor queue.