Which rides does express pass not help/ time saved?

I have searched and can’t find a thread where this was mentioned, though I thought I bookmarked it.

Which rides does express pass help the least? When we were there early May, we felt like Fast and Furious express pass joins the standby line so early that it felt like we didn’t save any time. Also, when estimating how long your wait time using express pass, what do you usually estimate for the rides? I thought I read 1/3 the time for longer rides, does that sound right?

Thank you!

Yes it’s supposed to be about 1/3. Fast and Furious and Jimmy Fallon both opened since my last trip, but they are both estimated at 20 mins on my TP and everything else is 5-10. So I’d guess maybe those 2, but I don’t know what the wait would be without Express Pass, so it could be that I’ll still be saving a lot of time.

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The Kong express line is awful. It’s super long.

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I had great luck with it being fairly short on my last two trips. Maybe it depends on time of day?

Poseidon’s Fury does not save time with Express in my family’s experience.

Members of my family have logged 5 trips to UOR at this point. 3 with Express Unlimited (via onsite hotel) and 2 without any Express pass. The touring plan said 5 minutes or less with Express. In reality we waited 15-20, exactly what we would have waited in standby.


The Kong EP line was one of our most beneficial EPs in June 2017 and Set 2018.

In June 2017, We waited a max of 15 minutes when Standby was 70 minutes.