Which rides are uncomfortable for larger folks?

We are WDW veterans making our first trip to DLR. My DH is 6’3", with long legs/shorter torso and is a larger guy. At WDW he is very uncomfortable on several rides and will not ride them. These include SDMT, BTMRR, SM and FOP. What rides will he find uncomfortable at DLR?

Matterhorn is similar to WDW SM, so certainly that one. I’m surprised he has an issue with BTMRR. At DLR, it’s a bench seat with a bar across. I thought it was like that at WDW, but maybe I’m remembering wrong. Goofy’s will be an issue and Nemo submarines

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BTMRR is the same at WDW.

It’s the legroom he has a problem with on BTMRR. Because he has long legs they end up wedged into a lot of rides.

Not the submarines! He remembers going on them at WDW as a kid and was really excited to ride them at DLR.

Submarines are tight width wize. Not too bad for long legs.

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