Which resorts have under the bed luggage storage?

Which resorts have under the bed luggage storage?

I don’t know the answer to that…but I would be hard-pressed to use any such storage due to concern for bed bugs. That would be a prime location for bed bugs to hide out…and potentially hitch a ride home on your luggage!!!


Really? Never thought of that!

These are mostly the renovated rooms with new vinyl floors where the beds are raised a little.

I can confirm that Pop has under bed storage. I would guess that All Star Movies does as well since the room design is the same in refurbished rooms.

I am thankful for it because with queen sized beds our family didn’t have anywhere else to put our suitcases easily!

This was one (of many) thing we loved about Copper Creek - all our luggage was out of the way under the bed.

That was my first thought. Luggage stays off the floor when we travel! If there’s space sometimes it can go in the bathroom. I have even heard of seasoned (and bitten?) travelers storing theirs in the shower or tub when not in use. That’s why I love the new vinyl flooring that is going in the rooms, it is easier to clean and bed-bug unfriendly.

Is part of Riverside Renovated with higher beds and more plugs and part of it not?

With the new vinyl floors would the bed bugs having to be living in the bottom mattress? Have not looked to see if mattress was showing or it was just flat surface. With the murphy bed obviously they are not next to mattress.

That’s actually a very common place for them to hide out. They like it where they can hide completely away from light, and then come out at night.

We dutifully do our bed bug check each and every hotel we check into. My job is to grab the flashlight and pull the top mattress back so that I can look at the seams and the box spring layer, etc.

It is true that the vinyl floors would help. But, personally, we still wouldn’t trust it. But that’s us. There is probably very little chance of it ACTUALLY being an issue…but we don’t want to ever find ourselves in the 1%. :slight_smile:

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Just to clarify- the refurbished value resorts don’t have a bottom mattress. They are platform beds :wink:

Thanks everyone. Good points all around. Is there a list somewhere of recently refurbrished rooms? I can piece it together, but still feel it is not complete. The most recent update has lots of plugs and usb outlets. I will repost too as a new thread.

I learn something new everyday.
I have never once thought of bedbugs whilst traveling. And my suitcases are always on the floor! :flushed:


Mine are. I’d never thought about bedbugs until I read about them (fairly often) on chat. I still didn’t check :woman_shrugging:


I’ve read and saw a video indicating that Yacht club has platform beds with under bed storage now. We always do a bedbug check of any room we stay in and I used to be super paranoid about my suitcase not being on the floor. I’ve gotten quite a bit better but I’m not sure that I’m ready to put my luggage on the floor under the bed. We are staying at YC in may so I guess we will see if I go crazy and stuff it all under the bed. :wink:

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@qwerty6 and @missoverexcited–glad I’m not the only one!

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Do you know the height from floor to platform?

Just do a bedbug inspection before your luggage even enters the room. You can google instructions on what to do and look for. Disney has dogs trained to stiff out bedbugs so probably less likely to find them there. But, if the room has bedbugs, they’ll be more than just under the bed.

Also, luggage area of the plane can have bedbugs too.