Which resort will sleep two parents and two large teens?

I have two 6’ tall teen boys that can’t share a bed. Where can we stay where DH and I can have one bed and each boy can have their own bed? A rollaway bed is fine but I can’t find resorts that have them. I need to stick to value or moderate resorts. Preferably not AoA family suite though. They are crazy expensive😀

This is going to tough in the value or moderate range. Both POR and CBR have rooms with a 3rd sleeping surface, but it is only 66 inches long which will not work for your teens. Your options are going to be

  1. Bring a twin blow up mattress and boys alternate nights. This works great with my tween and teen who cannot share a bed. Cheapest option by far.
  2. AOA suites. Plenty of room for everyone
  3. 2 value rooms so you have 4 beds and 2 bathrooms.
  4. Rent DVC points and stay in a deluxe DVC room that has the extra bed. Cost is similar to moderate pricing. Both Beach Club villas and Boardwalk Villas have a new pull down bed that is 74 inches, plus a sofa bed and regular queen size. That may still be too small though.
    Good luck making a decision!

I would suggest either two value rooms or looking into a house rental off site. Once you get into the 1 and 2 br villas it gets VERY expensive. You can get 3 and 4 bedrooms houses with a private pool for about the same price as one value room. You’ll need a car but still the cheapest option. You’d be very cramped otherwise.


If you want to stay onsite the air mattress idea may work well. You would have to rent DVC to get the price lower than AoA and fit an air mattress. For example, we are staying at AKL for $190/night tax in during February (during the week). Still pretty cramped though in a Deluxe with the air mattress. Pain to also move it out of the way. Would be slightly cheaper than renting two Values and a nicer place.

Offsite would eliminate the room size issue but bring some other inconveniences. Maybe those wouldn’t be an issue for your family though.

Too bad the teens can’t sleep together.

AKL does offer rooms with a queen and bunk beds which might work - especially if you can find a deal on AKL rooms to get it in your price range…

I believe Wilderness Lodge also has bunks. Also, look at the Cabins at Fort Wilderness resort. I think they are a moderate. A car is beneficial, but I don’t think necessary.

One thing to keep in mind - some of the resorts that offer a third sleeping surface by way of couch-turn-twin size bed (BC and YC) don’t guarantee that you’ll have the third sleeping surface. I believe first priority of those rooms go to parties of 5. I believe Poly’s theme park view rooms all have the convertible couch though. Also CR has rooms guaranteeing it as well.

The one I think will work best for you is the Family Suite at All-Star Music. It’s cheaper than the AoA suites. Includes: 1- Queen bed, 1- twin size sleeper chair, 1- double size sleeper sofa and 1- twin size sleeper ottoman. Bonus it has two bathrooms and a kitchenette. For the size, it really is the best value on property in my opinion. If you do a google search for “all star music family suite layout” and look at images - you can see the floorpan.

Renting DVC points isn’t THAT much more than the value suites. A 1BR at Bay Lake Tower probably cost less than $100 more than Art of Animation suites after tax. And you get a full kitchen (hint: teenagers) and a washer/dryer.

The cabins are an option but I have to tell you my 6’ and 6’3" sons don’t fit in the bunk beds and since they have footboards they can’t even hang feet over edge. This was before the remodel so not sure if the beds got bigger