Which pool: POR or POFQ

All other things aside, which resort pool is better for two gal pals on a no-kids getaway? POR or POFQ?

In my opinion, POR- no contest. You have the main pool but you also have five (?) quiet pools.


That’s what I thought. But I have only been to each resort once and briefly so I wasn’t sure. All I could think of about POFQ is the crocodile near the pool and it just screams kiddie area to me.

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I was going to say that I always think of FQ pool as great for children. It was a big selling point for my extended family when all the kids were young. I just wasn’t sure if others saw it the same way!

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The FQ pool is pretty small for a main pool and yes that crocodile slide is very kiddie pool esque.

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I’m checking them both out sat! Let me know if I can look into anything specific

When are you there again?

Fri am through Sat pm

Thanks! I’ll let you know!

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You can the pools at both resorts. I realise you want to be near the better ones but worth knowing.

Yes this I did know. But as you suggest he avoidance of a trek to tranquility is important :rofl:

Definitely this. The big pool at POR is loud, so if they aren’t looking for a poolside DJ, the quiet pools there are the way to go.

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