Which parks to visit on which days?

My husband and I are visiting Disney World in June, arriving afternoon of 12th and leaving afternoon of 18th for our 20th anniversary. I currently have the park hopper, and we plan on taking advantage of extra magic hours, taking naps during afternoon breaks. Would love suggestions on which parks to visit on which days (am and pm can be different) and favorite couples dining locations. We have the DDP as well. AK is my favorite park, and his least favorite. His favorite is HS, but we love all 4 of the parks. I’ve looked at crowd calendars, etc, but am just starting to get overwhelmed with the possible options. Help please. :).

If it was me I would look at predictions for crowd levels and park hours (including EMH) as a starting point only. They are only predictions. If one park is a predicted 10 and others only 2 or 3 I would go with the lower ones. If they are all within the 4-6 range I don’t think you’ll notice much of a difference.

Also, if you are doing EMH in the morning I would leave around noon when it gets busy and hop to the park that had EMH the day before for the evening (or go to another park with EMH in the evening).

Fastpasses would also play a big part for us since we have youngsters who can’t wait in hour long lines. For instance, during our last trip in January I found it easy to get all Epcot and all MK (except 7DMT) at 60 days so I would put those park days first and put at least one day for each of HS and AK later so you have a better chance at getting FOP, MFSR, SDD, or MMRR. Plan your park days around which fastpasses you can get. If Star Wars is important plan at least two mornings at HS to get a boarding group for RoTR. You’ll likely still need to be there before park opening in June.

The other option is to plan your park days around what dining you get. As far as dining, you will have trouble getting some of the restaurants now since you are less than 180 days from your trip. You can plan your evening park days around your dining to minimize travel times. For instance, if you eat near Boardwalk then go to EP or HS. If you eat near MK go there after.

We really liked Sanaa on our trip. Good food, good value (for Disney), nice scenery, and friendly staff. Artist Point was probably some of the best food we had on our last trip. It is character dining so maybe not the best for a romantic dinner if that is what you are after. The Monorail resorts have some good couples dining options so you might want to look at the Contemporary, Grand Floridian, and Poly.

Best of luck!