Which parks for October Universal/Disney trip?

We are trying to plan a trip to Universal and Disney over fall break the week of October 23rd. We plan to allocate 2 park days for Universal and 4 for Disney. Having never been to Universal I am not sure how to split this up. We are not planning to do HHN because DS9 would not be a fan. Would it be better to go at the beginning of the trip - Sun/Mon or at the end Th/Fri? I have looked at the Universal Orlando Two-Day/Two-Park Plan and likely will try to stick close to that.

I think the general consensus is that you should do Universal first as it is a let down after Disney.

Two day park to park is the best way to go so you can take the train both ways.

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If you go to USF on Monday, you can experience Diagon Alley at sunset. (USF does not close early/No HHN that day)

That would even align perfectly with Day 2/Part 2 of your plan.


Boo! I love both parks and Diagon Alley is as good as any Disney area! Hagrid’s is probably the best ride in Orlando! The Bourne Stuntacular is THE best show in Orlando! :rofl::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::innocent:

You could go to Universal first as a way to ramp up to WDW due to size. UOR is approximately the same size as Disneyland. You’ll still walk a lot, but it will be the warm up to the treks you’ll do at WDW.

Or you could go last as a way to unwind from WDW!

With HHN and a Monday vudit, both parks close by 7pm. Just be aware that you’ll need to prioritize what you want to do.

There’s Magic and excitement at both places!! You can’t go wrong either way!


Haha I am not saying I agree with that. My kids and hubby actually prefer Universal. I like both :slight_smile:


Thanks. those are good points. We are going to go with Sunday/Monday.