Which parks are 2 days in the new normal?

Okay folks - thanks to you lot and the general depression that comes with a four month quarantine, I’ve gone ahead and booked the family for another January trip. This time to celebrate my mother’s 70th birthday. May still have to cancel depending on vaccine availability, second waves, etc. But for now, I booked a room, tickets, and have even reserved parks for 5 out of 6 days. But what to do with the 6th day?

The cast: me (41), DH (45), DD (5), DS (2), DM (70), and DAunt (74)

early January. I’ve got two days at MK because toddlers. 1 day at each of the others. But what to do with the last day? Personally I’d want Epcot, but with all the restaurants being closed, the renovations, etc. I’m not certain it’s worth it. Then I’d think maybe HS but with it being so show-heavy, don’t know that I love that these days. My daughter loved meeting characters the most, but that’s obviously not a factor right now. We don’t really do any thrill rides either - so HS for the kids is basically ASwS and TSM as far as attractions go. Is it then, by default, AK?

Thanks to all of you going through hell and back last week to figure out how the park reservation system works. I scheduled the entire trip this morning aside from the reservation for this last park day with no issues whatsoever thanks to your work. Much <3

From the criteria you listed about your family, IMHO, MK is the only park you need to visit twice.

I’d tell others that DHS would need to be 2 days though. It’s already the park with the most prebooked reservations - which means it will probably be the busiest outside of MK.

If you haven’t been to SW:GE and anyone in your family is a major fan that would want to make me add the 2nd day.

(Epcot is a mess… It was before the parks closed & it’s not excepted to be any better anytime soon.)


What about a non-park day? My kids 4 & 6 loved the idea of a water park, mini golf, or even DS as much as they like the parks. Resort day? Many of the resorts have plenty of fun activities for the kids (and adults).

Yeah - we were fortunate enough to do SWGE last January. I think that’s probably right answer again - though part of me keeps thinking AK may be better since the kiddos probably won’t do the rides in Batuu…

And totally agree we don’t need to vist another twice, but with the new reservation system, I want to have one at the ready. A case where, for the first time, planning makes it harder for me!


Totally! We’re staying at Beach Club this time so I suspect we’ll spend a good amount of time at the pool there. But, with the new reservation system and the fact that we’ll have the extra day on our tickets means I want to choose something sooner rather than later… I suppose I could treat that day as a resort day but then reserve a park that has a restaurant we may want to eat at… but who knows what that will look like six months from now!

My kids are the same age as yours. Don’t forget Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railroad at DHS in addition to the 2 toy story rides you mentioned. I would either do a second day at DHS or a third day at MK. My kids could spend every day at MK!


I agree with another MK— love having my last day there. And just so much for little kids.

Or I would pick Epcot or DHS so you can do half pool half pop in somewhere since you are at Beach club.

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IF there’s still no park hopping and since you’re at Beach Club, I’d do a third MK day. Do shorter days, more fun in the pool.

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