Which Parks and How Long?

We have 6 Day Passes in early April, no park hopper, 2 kids (8+5), this is our first and only Disney trip. Which parks (we were thinking all 4) and how many days in each??

My vote:

2 days at MK
2 days at Epcot
1 day at Hollywood studios
1 day at Animal Kingdom

You might not even need 2 full days at Epcot - or even one full day at HS or AK - but I think that’s a good thing because that will allow you to maintain a relaxing pace and/or have time for non-park activities.

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I agree! This is exactly what we plan

I also agree with that plan. Depending on how much time your family wants to spend at Epcot (especially World Showcase), you may only need 1.5 days there. If you opt for that, you could use the extra half day to return to MK or take a half day off.

For that age 8 woul do 2 days MK, 1 for each of the other 3 and then choose the last day based on your favourite. I think that EPCOT is great for some kids, boring for others. My guess is they will want to do AK or MK on the last day

Epcot will have Flower and Garden but without park hoppers and no Soarin- I think one day will be more than enough. I agree- do not plan your 6th day (save MK for day 6 and make a fake plan for day 5 for your other repeat day. Your kids may love HS or AK.

Two days at MK might not do it. We were in the same boat a few months ago with our “first and only” trip to WDW. We had two almost 6-year olds and 5 day pass. We did 2 1/2 days at MK: 1st day rope drop until 3pm, 2nd day rope drop until 4pm, and 3rd day 2:30pm to electric parade. Those first two days were focused on doing things for the first time (eg. we didn’t even go to Tomorrowland until day 2), and then repeaters the afternoon of the 3rd day.

To each his own, but that first trip to WDW for us was so much about the MK that there was no way we were going to sell ourselves short there. Everything else would be a bonus. (Bonus for us = half day at Epcot, full day at AK, no HS.)

Have a great time!

Check out http://yourfirstvisit.net/planning-your-first-family-trip/how-long-to-stay/other-trip-lengths/ - their itineraries are pretty useful.

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This is what we were thinking, but I’m not sure the 5 year old will live Epcot, and I think I’ve read Soarin’ is closed while we’re there?

Thanks for the help all! I think we’re going to do 2 days Epcot at the beginning and then AK, HS, and 2 days at Magic Kingdom at the end. But if Epcot isn’t doing it for the kids, we may adjust. I’ll have to check magic hours and touring plans before we commit though. So much work for fun! :wink:

When is your trip? Will Soarin be open?

My kids (now 13/10 but were 10/7 last visit) really dislike Epcot and we are giving it a miss when we are there at Easter. Soaring is shut they think TT is stupid as they have worked out its not really their design that makes the cars go. My kids are ride junkies . Meet and Greets are good at Epcot for characters but queues get cut off before they even come out at Easter. We did do 2 days at AK last time thought as kids loved it and wanted to go back. So for my kids it would be 2 MK 2AK 1 Epcot 1 HS Don’t know if your kids would get a lot out of HS just now with closures etc so another suggestion would be 3 at MK 1 EP 2 AK.