Which park would you pick for only one day at Universal Orlando?

If you had only one day to spend at Universal Orlando, would you hit both parks or pick only one of their two parks in which to spend the entire day? If so, which one?
Seems awful expensive, especially with the two-park one-day ticket!
Can you get enough done in one day using a TP to make it worth it? Are there TPs that have you do stuff in both parks in the same day? (I don’t have a subscription to Universal on TP’s website, only Disney World right now).

I would do both, but if I HAD to pick one, IOA.
Yes, I personally feel you can do enough in one day to make it worth it - but, it depends on how many and ages in your party.
Yes, there are TPs that do both in one day.
Keep 'em coming!

Just my wife and I. And she’s not into coasters, but I am. We wouldn’t want to do anything geared toward little kids. I’m disappointed to know you have to have a multi-park pass ticket to ride the train!

Definitely recommend the hopper. Choosing one over the other is tough. IoA used to be the clear 1 park choice, but with the recent additions to US the two parks are pretty much a tie when it comes to “headline” attractions. How do you feel about water rides? In IoA, Jurassic Park may get you splashed, Rip Saw Falls will probably get you wet, and Bluto’s Barges will get you completely soaked. Most think the HP ride in IoA is better, but Diagon Alley in US is much better themed.

If you HAVE to choose only one park, I recommend checking out ride descriptions (and maybe YouTube videos) of both parks and see which you might like better.

For just you two, I say splurge on the hopper. I think you would probably see everything you’d want to see in a day skipping all the kid stuff, especially if you skip the wet stuff. I don’t think you would regret the extra money.
Now that I’ve been there for 2 trips, here are the things I would not miss on an adults-only one day trip:
Gringotts and Diagon Alley
Simpsons Ride
Reign of Kong (since I haven’t done it yet)
Hogwarts Express
Raptor Encounter and Jurassic Park Discovery Center

Everything else would be gravy, but I would consider it a successful day if I hit all of those. But I don’t always do the thrill rides anymore since now I get dizzy sometimes.

look at Undercover tourist for discounted tickets!

A very modest list… I would add Transformers, Mummy, and Rip Ride Rockit to the USF must-do list and HP and the Forbidden Journey, Dragon Challenge, Jurassic Park, and Spiderman to the IoA must-do list.

I would do both with a hopper, you’ll get LOADS done. It’s worth it!! Really!!!
If I had to pick I’d go IoA.
DM does not do coasters either but loves Jurassic Park and Popeye particularly.
Have a great time @RotR!!!

I agree that I think doing both parks is best. However, if you must pick one park, I think the question is are you HP fans? If so, I highly recommend USF. The theming in Diagon Alley is so incredibly amazing that I don’t think any HP fan should miss it.

We are doing both parks in one day in September and I was able to get everything we wanted to do in both parks done on my touring plans.

agree with @bswan26, you HAVE to do Forbidden Journey. That is my all time favorite attraction of all theme parks including Disney!

Well, I created a TP for USF and one for IOA hitting the attractions that I care about. Starting USF at 9am, it has me finished there by 3pm. Then I have the IOA plan starting at 3pm and has me done there by 6:30pm. So looks like it is doable to get everything I want to hit in both parks in one day, provided the plan is accurate. Now, I have to figure out if the $300 for tickets, plus the drive from my WDW resort hotel, plus the $20 to park there is all worth it.

worth it :slight_smile: We are going in September to Disney for a week and we always build in one day for Universal. We are big Harry Potter fans, though.

So, I just found out that I can easily squeeze everything I want to do at HS in one evening. So, I think I may do that on my arrival day, then use the full day that I planned to use for HS to go to USF & IOA. Thanks for the advice and thoughts, guys!

I think this depends on your party.

I would do IOA based on the following
Seuse Landing - great for little kids
Harry Potter - Forbidden Journey
Mikinos restaurant
This is also the “wet” side - so if you like water rides do IOA

I would do UNIVERSAL on the folloing
Simpsons land
Diagon alley / Olivanders - Gringots is good - but Forbidden journey is better IMHO
Rip Rocket Rollercoaster