Which park to do in 2 half-days

Hello my friends.
I’ll be at WDW with my mom for her first trip this coming January. We are staying 7 nights at Coronado Springs. We actually stayed there exactly 16 years ago when she was there for a work conference but we never ventured into the parks :rofl: I guess I thought they were only for kids. #tragic

Day 1: Arrival. Park day, a half-day, at either Magic Kingdom or Epcot.
Day 2: Park Day at whichever one we didn’t do on day 1
Days 3-5 I’ll be in training with my fellow travel agents, but Mom could take my daughter to Hollywood Studios since I don’t mind missing that one.
Day 6: Park Day at Animal Kingdom
Day 7: Half-day at whichever park we did the first day.
(Our flights are at 7:30pm so we’ll check our bags with Airline Resort Check-in and Bell Services before heading to the park.)

So, which park should we split into two half-days?

Our party is: one woman over 60, one in her 30s, and an almost-3-yr-old girl.

I know typically the answer is, “See when you can get your ADRs and plan around that.” I’ll get dinner at Chefs de France (both days 1 & 2 are available for that) but other than that I’m not stuck on any particular dining.

I’d want to spend the most time in MK especially for your DD3. So if you have just a few hours on your half days on arrival and departure, I’d pick Epcot for those and then a full day for MK. If you think you’d get more park time in with 2 partial days, then I’d pick MK for those and then the full day at Epcot. Epcot has less for your daughter than MK but you can definitely find lots to do there that will interest her. My kids even at 3 loved the kidcot coloring stops and exploring the WS pavilions as it was kind of free time (no lines!).

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My daughter got to go 3 times this past year, and she’s really only with us this time to ease childcare logistics back home, so I am looking at this one as more a trip for Mom & Me than it is for her. She’s just along for the ride (unfortunately not along for the rides she’s too short/young for :wink:).

Well, in that case, I vote Epcot for 2 1/2 days!!

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I would choose whichever park you’d rather have 6 FP for. Having both Soarin and FEA on different days would be really nice. But having 6 MK FP would too.

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Good point @Cgerres

However you split it, I’d recommend the equivalent of 2 days at MK, 2 days at EP, and one at each of the other two parks. The 7th day split between whichever you might want to go back to.

I’d do Epcot arrival day since there will not be that much for a 3 year old there and spend 1.5 days on the MK.