Which park on a Friday?

I am struggling with which parks to pick for each day of our (hopeful) trip the first week of December. I’m looking for advice/opinions. This is what the week looks like currently:

Sat 11/28: EP (bonus day, not too concerned about crowds/lines)
Sun 11/29: HS
Mon 11/30: AK
Tues 12/1: MK
Wed 12/2: EP
Thurs 12/3: HS
Fri 12/4: MK

For our last two days I’m am conflicted on whether I should switch them around. I am thinking lower (maybe) crowds at MK on Thurs, and HS is always crowded no matter what day. Would you leave it alone, or switch it?

I would keep it as is. Thurs and Friday crowds at MK dont seem to be much different. Weekends are a different story. You may get a few less people at HS on a thurs but probably not much to make a noticible difference. If the hours are the same for both days then I dont see a need to switch it. If it helps I was at HS on a Sunday thinking it would be impossibly crowded. There were a lot of people but we still got to ride everything…some things 3x and had the best day. Your plan looks great!

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Thanks! I think I am just overthinking everything because there is so much less planning to do! Thankfully we’ve all been before and won’t be super disappointed if we don’t do absolutely everything.

We discussed this here, with a chart from TP Blog. Basically, AK is best for Saturday, HS is best for Sunday, and the rest of the week is great for any park. Friday is slightly busier in general, but more comparable with other weekdays than weekends.

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That’s very helpful. Thank you!

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