Which park for a late start?

Our family will be arriving very late on Friday, 10/2. We would like to sleep in the next morning and then hit a park after lunch. EP and HS are both listed as level 3 for that day, but…EP has Food and Wine and HS has morning EMH. Should we go with HS, hoping that most guests are almost done with their touring? Or should we brave EP, even on a Saturday during Food And Wine? I have gone back and forth on this, but finally decided to bring it before the experts! I welcome any advice!

Any Saturday during Food and Wine is the worst place to be with a family interested in touring the park.

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For me, late-start days are ideal for EP. Grab 3 FW FPs and then spend the evening in WS. With no kids, the fact that F&W was going on would be even a better draw… Otherwise, AK is probably a good choice. You can get 3 FPs for the headliners, and with the crowds typically clearing out by mid afternoon, the rest is manageable…

if you want to tour only FW in EP, then I say EP. but if you want to be in WS then I say skip EP and do HS instead. but you actually may want to wait until the official dates are released for October. If I remember correctly, the first Saturday of October last year was the Tower of Terror 10miler and HS closed very early, like 6pm. So if you only wanted to go until 6pm and don’t care about fantasmic (which may not be shown that night), then HS could still work.

There will be no Tower of Terror 10-miler this year due to the construction, so that won’t be a concern for this year.

Thanks everyone. I am leaning toward HS now, but I guess I will wait until disney releases the official hours before I decide. I have to admit that canceling the 10-miler would be awfully convenient for me! Thanks again to all who responded for your input!

official park hours are out! http://media.disneywebcontent.com/staticfiles/parkhours/wdwtravelagent_october.pdf

Thanks, @mjsmomma!! Looks like it will be the Studios for us!