Which park for a day and a half

On our upcoming trip we will have 4 day tickets but really only 3 1/2 days in the parks. Which park would you spend a day and half at? EP or MK? Trip is May 23-27 and we arrive in Orlando at 10:00 am. I figure we will be at POFQ by noon. We are going to EP, MK and HS.

Depends on your focus.

It’s Star Wars weekend. If you’re into the movies and want to do all the shows, characters and shopping, then I would do HS.

But more likely, I would recommend MK. You still won’t get everything done, but you’ll be more likely to hit up all the favorites.

We are going to HS on Tuesday the 26th. Star Wars is really not our thing. It will be my 18 year old daughter and me on the trip. I’m just looking to get the most bang for my buck.

I would recommend MK then. It could be a day 1/2 just to hit up the headliners, have a couple meals, watch a parade or two and Wishes, and do some fun shopping and maybe toss in a few of the nostalgic attractions.

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Alot depends on your family make-up. If was me, I would use the half day to go to AK; I couldn’t imagine skipping it. If that wasn’t an option, then I’d do the half day at EP. But I’m an adult, traveling either solo or with DW. If you have young kids, MK is probably the best choice.

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Like @bswan26 said, it might depend on your family, but I would personally recommend MK as your day-and-a-half park also. My DW and I were at EP a couple of weeks ago on a CL-8 day and were pretty much able to most of the attractions in FW, did a few in WS, went through all the shops, and even had lunch at ARBH all in one day. We had originally planned a second day at EP but decided to change it to MK instead.

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It depends on what you like. Ask your daughter which park she likes most and do that. For me, it is no question Magic Kingdom, I love it very much, and try to spend as much time as possible there.

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I think Magic Kingdom will be the winner. :relieved: