Which order should I pick my FPP?

I’m trying to figure out my FPP picking strategy for 2 weeks from now. Help me put them in order please. These are the ideal times for my touring plans. I’m leaning toward B, C, A, D. But maybe C will be hardest to get? I’d like to try for the same day drop for FoP at 11:01, so I wanted to be done with 3 FPP before 11.

A. FoP at 6pm on Day 1
B. 7DMT at 2pm on Day 2
C. FoP at 10am on Day 3
D. SDD at 8pm on Day 5

I would do C,D,B,A.

I don’t think you’ll get A, at least not right away. I would have said Slinky first, but on day 5 that should be gettable, whilst FoP could still be a challenge on day 3.


Thanks @Nickysyme. Maybe I’m being overly optimistic but I’ve had good luck getting an evening FPP for FoP on our first day the past couple of trips. 7DMT early in the trip has always been my difficult one.

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I hope you do. Not not to be Debbie Downer, but this time will be post SWGE

Have you looked at this: https://www.thedibb.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=835236 ? The week after SWGE is looking noticeably easier to book for FPPs than my week (starting Aug 22) was. If the trend continues I’d probably try C, B, D, A, since A seems least likely but the others all look feasible.

I was hoping for SDD around 7pm on Day 6 and the latest I could get was 6:45pm, so the 8pm timing might be tough on Day 5. But your wishlist looks a lot more feasible than it would have been for a late August trip, so maybe SWGE won’t mess up September for those looking for lower crowd levels.

I had several times for FOP to choose from on my 60+3…but they were all later afternoon/evening. So my guess is there will be some, but 10am would require extreme luck.

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@lizzieanne771 Did you try for that 60+3 FoP first thing? Just curious.

@Steenaca Thanks for the info. Maybe people like to get the SDD FPP after dark which is what I was going for. If I can’t get that, we will probably just skip HS at night. Planning to go to EEMH at HS a couple days during the week, so we’ll see if we can get SDD done during those hours without a huge wait. We’ll have 3 weeks of info on SB wait times during EEMH by then.

Yes, I was hoping to SDD close to dark too, but am ok with post-dinner and trying to modify it with same-day drop.

Just for reference, our AK day is 60 +4 and right at 7am on FPP day the earliest I could get was 4:25pm – no earlier times were showing. I didn’t try splitting us up into overlapping windows, but the Dibb was showing it totally unavailable on days 60 through 60+3 so I was happy to get my afternoon FPP on 60+4. I’m hoping to modify it earlier, either between now and late August or at one of the same day drop times, but have a touring plan that will work if we can’t move it earlier.

Yes. That was the first one I went for right when the window opened up.

Yep I arrive 29th August for two weeks and found it really easy to get all the FPPs I wanted - was very surprised