Which onsite resort to choose?

This will be our first visit to DLR. I know not everyone wants to stay onsite, but for peace of mind and a lack of stress about the unknown, that’s what we’re going with :smiley:. Does anyone have any advice on which resort to choose out of the three? Thanks!!

I think @bswan26 has some info and photos of the resorts in his DRL blog http://bswan26dl.blogspot.com/2013/02/post-1-introduction-to-disneyland.html?view=sidebar

That being said, offsite is a pretty stress-free way to go at DLR. We stayed at the Candy Cane Inn http://www.candycaneinn.net/. If you look at a map it is on the same block as DLR, as their property essentially cuts in to DCA.

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DLH, definitely.

GCH is great, but honestly, your money is just as well spent on souvenirs and food than on the perks there.

Choose the Adventureland tower if you can, and ask for a park-side view. You can see fireworks in both parks from there - even on the 2nd & 3rd floors, but the higher the better.

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I’m a fan of the DLH. Paradise Pier isn’t nice enough to justify the cost difference, and GCH is a bit pricey.

If you can work around the Magic Morning schedules, off-site hotels can save you a bundle. I like the HoJo, and depending on your budget and walking endurance, there’s places like Super 8 and Econolodge with very cheap rates.


Thank you @brklinck. I am thoroughly enjoying @bswan26 's blog! @Nana2011, we will have our three children 14, 5, 7 months. I know the “bubble feel” is different (from what I’ve read), so trying to keep as much of that as possible. I didn’t wait patiently for responses before booking, but based upon yours, @thechindo’s, and @len 's recommendation, I think I am going to call and change my room from the GCH woods view to the DLH park view. I was so worried about availability, that I just wanted SOMETHING booked. There is no availability for the Saturday night of our Thursday-Thursday, so we will have to choose an offsite resort, or do San Diego for a couple of days. So many decisions! I appreciate all of your input! PS, @len, I subscribed to the DLR lines, and bought your UG, so I’m trying to soak in as much info as possible!


Sorry, but what does this mean? We are staying off site in April. My understanding is that you get one early day with a three day ticket. Are there other days that early for onsite only, so should be avoided? TIA.

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Every day you are onsite you get MM. Idk if it’s any park of your choosing or just the one that has it that day.

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Onsite you have magic morning(early entry) everyday of your stay. DL Tues, Thurs, Sat; DCA Mon, Weds, Fri, Sun. If off site with 3 day or more tickets, you have 1 day MM(EE) to Disneyland only. It’s suggested for the other days to choose the park that doesn’t have early entry but still do RD.


We stayed offsite at hojo last year and thought it was great. Old fashioned sure - but , clean, neat and spacious. You just need to check what days onsite guests have early entry then rd the opposite park from them.

I would say only concern with offsite for dca now would be securing FP for radiator springs racers. We were able to secure with the old system (following tp advice). But not sure what the difficult ones to get now are.

In terms of onsite. We had breakfast at paradise pier (character breakfast) and distance wise it is as far if not further than hojo.

This is my hojo review here with pics if anyone interested.


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