Which one?

I’m 99% sure I’m booking a 4-night Disney Wonder cruise for Feb Break with one night before at WDW. (Other option is to do 5 nights at WDW like last year…but this girl who loves the sea wants ship time!!) Because my plan for the day prior to the cruise (my flight gets in around 9:30am) is to drop my stuff at the resort and head to Epcot for Festival of the Arts and Illuminations (gotta get those viewings in!!) - and because I feel like splurging on my resort, I guess an Epcot Area resort would be best.

At the moment (I’ll be putting the reservations on hold with my TA on Friday), Boardwalk Inn is the least expensive with the Gift of Magic discount, then Beach Club Villas in a Studio with the discount, then Beach Club without the discount, then Yacht Club with the discount. (I know Passholder rates are not out yet…and I also know those aren’t always cheaper).

Thoughts between those 3? I’ve got a breakfast ADR at Cape May Cafe for cruise embarkation day, so Beach Club makes the most sense in that respect…but I know they are all walkable. (Ditto if I go with an early Garden Grill ADR.) As I said, Boardwalk is the least expensive…but there is just something about it that doesn’t overly wow me. (Not to mention that hideous clown…though I’m not a pool girl, so I’d only fear having a room that overlooked that thing - not what I want to see first thing in the morning.)

Also, at the moment, there is the Contemporary Tower Theme Park View with the discount that is not a huge amount more than Beach Club or Yacht Club. If my plan is Epcot, is it worth staying at the Contemporary? Or am I better off with one of the first 3 I mentioned?

Thoughts? I’d really like to not drive my TA nuts with changes this time. Haha!

I don’t have any advice except I loved Garden Grill breakfast. I look forward to following your next adventure!

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I know you have a regular TA but there is a MVT exclusive those dates. My BC quote was $496 including tax and a 3rd adult charge.

There’s only one of me. And I’m loyal to my TA.

But thanks! :slight_smile:

My point was that your cost would be less. I am loyal to my two TAs.

I said thank you and was being genuine.

That is actually more than I’m finding BWI with the GOM discount.

I have had very bad experiences with third party vendors and hotels, so I do not like to use them. Plus I’ve already had preliminary discussions with my TA so I’m not going to turn around and say “I’m booking the cruise through you, but the resort through someone else.”

I understand, although MVT is not a 3rd party vendor- it is a travel agency the same as MEI (my other agent). Question for you - how will you transport to the ship? I am torn on the different options.

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I’m using DCL transfers. It’s $35/person, so as a solo who doesn’t drive (I have a license…just haven’t in 13 years, so a rental car in an unfamiliar city is NOT the time to start again) it’s my most economical option. Yes, I’ll get to the port later than if I used a car service, but I’m not going to stress about it. I’ll sit back and watch Disney videos. :slight_smile:

(I do know some people will take DME back to MCO to try and get on the first bus to Port Canaveral, but since I’m staying at WDW I’d rather enjoy the morning - I’ve got an early Garden Grill ADR (and from what I understand they are pretty much like “You’re here, we’ll seat you” with the pre-opening ADRs) and will try and get a Frozen FP+ for first thing, then head back over to wait for the bus (usually starting around 11 - they notify you the night before similar to DME…only there is usually only one pick-up time for DCL busses). (Alternately I may set up an alert for Akershus and try to get that PPO and then just head to Frozen.)

Have you taken the DCL transfer before? I have been thinking of doing that but everything I have read says not to. It makes me feel better that you do it!

I’ve done it from MCO. I’ve never stayed on property the night before - but I want to make sure I see Illuminations before it goes (I will likely do a few nights before my summer cruise to be there over my birthday, but…I know they have said “end of summer” but who knows…), so I’m staying on property this time.

The main arguments I hear about it are:

  1. the cost if you have 4 or more people since at that point you pretty much break even or are better with a car service


  1. that it gets you there “late” - but unless you got nothing booked in advance, there is really no reason to be running around like a chicken with your head cut off to get there early. boarding doesn’t start until 11:30 anyway, so even if you’re there at 10am, you’re going to be sitting around and waiting. And then you’re dragging your carry-on around with you until the rooms open (usually 1 or 1:30)

Are there outliers where DCL buses from the resort get there later? Of course. There will always be outliers. But generally they get you there around the time open boarding starts (where you just check in and walk on) or shortly thereafter. I’m actually kind of looking forward to getting on board with little to no terminal wait.

Like I said, for me, it’s the most economical. And easiest. And you’re in the Disney bubble the whole time.

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I will be traveling to/from a Disney resort for my August cruise. For the three of us it does seem like the cheapest option. Thanks!

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You’re welcome! Yeah - from what I have read, 4 people is the point at which the car service option is equal to or less.

I think the DCL transfers from WDW will be fine.

If for some reason I don’t feel it is, I will let you know - this will be Presidents’ Week. (And I’ll do the fake a plane trip to take DME to MCO and take a bus from there in July. Lol.)

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Thanks, I am looking forward to your report. I woukd feel weird about the fake DME trips since I will do one night before/ three after. I know a lot of people do it, but it is not for me.

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Yeah. I know. If I decide to go the back to MCO route in July, I might just budget for a Lyft.

I will do a thorough report.

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I think I may be planning to much luggage to fit in a Lyft!

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We took the DCL bus from Pop on our last cruise (2016). It was very convenient. We were later arriving at the terminal (can’t quite remember the time) but it meant that there was no wait to get onto the ship. We just went through security, checked in, got kids’ club wristbands for the children and boarded immediately. Nice and easy!