Which one to keep?

For me and my two daughters, which reservation should I keep: La Hacienda de San Angel at 7:30pm or San Angel Inn Restaurante at 8:00pm? They are for Monday, 11/24. I’m wanting opinions based on the food, atmosphere and the possibility of Illuminations view from table. Thanks!

Food - La Hacienda wins, hands down.
Atmosphere - San Angel Inn wins, hands down
Illuminations - Impossible at San Angel Inn (no windows). Possible at La Hacienda if you’re lucky enough to get a window table

My approach is to get a margarita at La Cava (inside the pyramid) and walk around the carts and shops inside (sometimes do the boat ride), and then walk across the street for dinner at La Hacienda.


Thank you so much for the input. I will keep Hacienda. I was leaning towards that anyway with the Illuminations view possibility.

Agree with everything @bswan26 has to say. Except for maybe the atmosphere - SAI might win, but not hands down. :wink:

In terms of Illuminations, the timing of your LaH reservation is pretty good, as the UG recommends booking 1 hour 15 minutes before the start of the show and then showing up early and asking for a table with a good view. Tell the CM at the host station that you don’t mind waiting a little bit, and if you see a better table when you are being seated ask if you can be moved to it. The CMs are usually very responsive to polite requests.

I have been to both and I LOVE La Hacienda - so that is my choice.

Couldn’t agree more.